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Heartache! Parents go out a few minutes, 3 year old boy fell from the 20 floor, today (21) morning, there are people with the upstream News – Chongqing morning news broke out that "Jiangbei District, Chongqing mud pound near a small boy 3 years old from the 20 floor falls, the specific injury is unclear."." Then, the upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter came to the scene of the accident, confirmed this morning at about 8, a 3 year old boy Maria Tung (a pseudonym) alone at home, accidentally fell from the 20 floor balcony falls to death. According to reports, before the accident, Maria Tung’s mother sent the eldest son to school, by the child’s father at home care. Because Maria Tung was still sleeping, and when his mother had just returned downstairs, Maria Tung’s father went out to work. It was the moment when the parents had been out of the house for a few minutes that Maria Tung fell down from upstairs. Bang children fell downstairs according to an unnamed noodle boss, she was at the scene when the child fall down. Around 8 in the morning, everyone went out to work or sent children to school, and there were few people in the courtyard. The boss is noodle noodle, beside the ground suddenly bang bang. "Just like an explosion, when you see white fat, you think it’s a doll falling upstairs.". A closer look, only to find out that is a child." The boss said, she was panic, the child she knew, the child’s mother often took him in the courtyard yard play. But the boss didn’t know the name of the boy, which floor he lived in, and he called a few voices downstairs, and no parents responded. She immediately called the police and dialed 120. After a few minutes, the boss saw the child’s mother rushed out of the building, the reluctant young mother to embrace the child fainted. Balcony only installed half of the anti-theft network, introduced by Maria Tung’s grandmother, Maria Tung in August this year just turned 3 years old, still read kindergarten, there are 7 years old children at home. Two children are usually taken care of by Maria Tung’s parents, so it is hard to accept such a thing. This morning, Maria Tung’s mother sent her eldest son to school, and his father watched Maria Tung at home. At that time, Maria Tung was still sleeping, and after knowing that his mother was coming home soon, Maria Tung’s father who was going to work was out of the door. In the elevator mouth, two couples just met, but you don’t know, in the two people alternating out of a few minutes, Maria Tung had an accident. Maria Tung’s grandmother said, home balcony installed half style anti-theft network, in the window above is empty. At ordinary times, Maria Tung was very obedient and didn’t like climbing these things. He didn’t know how he climbed up and got rid of it. Mr. Li, who lives in the community, told reporters that a lot of households in the residential area of the anti-theft network is the installation of half style, there is a big risk for families with children. For younger children, parents should always be vigilant, such a thing is indeed very regrettable. (upstream News – Chongqing Morning Post)

痛心!父母出门几分钟 3岁男孩从20楼坠下身亡今(21)日上午,有市民跟上游新闻-重庆晨报爆料称“重庆江北区黄泥磅附近某小区一名3岁小男孩从20楼坠下,具体伤势不清楚。”随后,上游新闻-重庆晨报记者来到事故现场,经证实今天上午8点左右,一名3岁的男孩童童(化名)独自在家,不慎从20楼阳台坠楼来死亡。据透露,出事前童童的母亲送大儿子上学,由孩子的父亲在家照顾。因为当时童童还在睡觉,母亲刚回到楼下,童童父亲就出门上班了。正是这父母交替出门的几分钟,童童就不幸从楼上摔了下来。“嘭”的一声孩子掉了下来据楼下一家不愿透露姓名的面馆老板娘介绍,孩子掉下来时她刚好在现场。早上8点左右,大家都出门上班或者送孩子上学,小区院子里并没有什么人。老板娘正在面馆煮面,突然旁边空地上“嘭”的一声巨响。“就像爆炸声一样,当时看到白白胖胖的,还以为是楼上掉下来了个布娃娃。再仔细一看才发现是个孩子。”老板娘说,她当时就慌了,这孩子她认识,孩子的母亲经常带着他在小区院子里玩。但是老板娘并不知道小男孩叫什么名字,住哪一楼,在楼下叫了几声也没家长回应,她立刻报警并拨打了120。过了几分钟,老板娘才看到孩子的母亲从楼里冲出来,难以接受的年轻母亲一把抱住孩子晕了过去。阳台只安装了一半的防盗网经童童的外婆介绍,童童今年8月才刚满3岁,还在念幼儿园,家里还有个7岁孩子。两个孩子平时都由童童的父母照顾,发生这样的事情自己心里很难接受。今天早上,童童的母亲送大儿子上学,由父亲在家看着童童。当时童童还在睡觉,在得知孩子母亲快到家后,要上班的童童父亲则出了门。在电梯口,两夫妻正好碰上,但殊不知就在两人交替出门的几分钟里,童童就出事了。童童的外婆说,家里的阳台安装的半截式防盗网,在窗户上面是空的。平时童童很听话,也不爱爬这些,不知道他是怎么爬上去掉下来的。家住该小区的李先生告诉记者,小区内很多住户家的防盗网都是安装的半截式,对于有小孩的家庭确实存在很大的危险。对于年龄较小的孩子,家长更应该时时刻刻都提高警惕,发生这样的事情确实挺让人惋惜的。(上游新闻-重庆晨报)相关的主题文章:

Chengdu District elevator rest two months, the owners said not live (Figure) (video) holle树先生�����

Chengdu a residential elevator "rested" two owners said "was not" (map) for high-rise residential building tenants, the normal operation of the elevator and the maintenance of safe and convenient travel essential, however, who lives in Chengdu City, Qingyang Road No. 99 YOUPIN Road District 36 building owners are elevator problems for a long time. The reporter saw at the scene, three elevator only two in operation, the owners told reporters that the elevator fault has been nearly two months, caused a great impact on their daily travel, such as elevator long time did not say, the rest of the two elevator but there is a fault. Reflect many times to no avail, the owners were told to buy no elevator parts, then lift what trouble? Why don’t you fix it? The property told reporters that the elevator problem is a fire due to the end of September the building ten building, and because the fire house is leased, the landlord and the tenant on the issue of compensation is not consistent, so the elevator has no maintenance. The current situation is Wuguan has arranged for maintenance personnel began to repair, is expected at six pm tomorrow resumption of elevator operation. Sichuan TV all media reporter Zhang Yujia Wang Lei: editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading "lift jumping machine" 7 months of failure 200 times loading…

成都某小区电梯“歇了”两月 业主称“遭不住”(图) 对于高层住宅楼的住户来说,电梯的正常运行和维护对安全便捷出行必不可少的,然而家住成都市青羊大道99号优品道小区36栋的业主们却被电梯问题困扰了多时。在现场记者看到,三部电梯只有两部在运行,业主告诉记者,这部电梯已经故障了近两个月,对他们的日常出行造成了很大的影响,等电梯的时间长不说,剩下的两部电梯还有一部不过故障。 多次反映无果,业主被告知电梯零件没有购买到,那么电梯因何故障?为何迟迟不修?物业告诉记者,电梯出问题是缘于九月底这栋楼十楼发生的一场火灾,而由于起火房屋是租赁出去的,房东和租户又就赔偿问题达不成一致,所以电梯一直没维修。介于目前情况物管已经安排维修人员开始进行维修,预计在明天下午六点前恢复电梯运行。四川广电全媒体记者:张羽佳 王磊编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 电梯变“跳楼机” 7个月故障200次 加载中…相关的主题文章:

Super powerful! A 14 year old girl in Hangzhou got a world champion tw.battle.net

Super powerful! Hangzhou, a 14 year old junior girls got a world champion Zhu Jiner ready to receive the award yesterday, a Hangzhou teacher contact express: "the National Day holiday, Hangzhou is a junior high school girls, in the 2016 fide World Youth Championships, won the women’s 14 year old group world championship game, held in Russia, a total of 8 a Chinese players to participate, the Hangzhou girl’s performance is the best, has won the" woman International Master "title, very powerful!" The gold medal was called Zhu Jiner, she participated in the spring middle school students, the fide World Youth Championship game, is the level of chess organizations worldwide highest youth chess tournament, held once a year. In recent years, the number of participants increased, this year the fide World Cup less points in the two held. For men and women 14 years old group 16 years old group and 18 age group competition in Russia Khanty mansiysk. Games for men and women aged 8, 10 and 12 were held in Batumi, georgia. "A total of 8 Chinese players participated in the competition, in which Russia, Zhu Jiner has the best result. The 4 year old chess school gifted students don’t have much time, but very good results yesterday, express reporter saw Zhu Jiner and her mother in Zhejiang province chess team dormitory. Small classmate looks handsome, short hair. The reporter saw, Xiao Zhu is shy, from time to time to see my mother. During the interview, my expression is very simple, but very organized. She recalled the game, from late September to October 3rd, when several games were quite thrilling". The game is an integral system, with 11 rounds. The first eight rounds of competition, has been leading the 3run. Ninth rounds and ten rounds of sudden two rounds of transportation. I was a little nervous when I lost two games. The last battle was against India. In the match, the India player asked for two times, and I didn’t agree." Xiao Zhu said. "At that time, there were foreign media comments, said my daughter psychological collapse, I do not expect her to win the championship, just hope she does not consider the rankings, play their own level is good." The mother memories. "Yes, I relaxed my mind and didn’t want the result. I just wanted to finish the game. Finally defeated India’s opponents, won the championship." Xiao Zhu said. Zhu was born in Jiaxing, about 4 years old, playing chess, so far ten years of chess age. She said, chess is three-dimensional, in the hands of childhood, think it is fun, there is interest. The kindergarten, a local chess teacher called Zhu Jiner mother said, children learn chess a little talent, to learn chess. In 2009, 6 year old Zhu Jiner, participate in provincial championship game, immediately recruited into the provincial team, came to Hangzhou, into the Long Lane Primary school. The little girl attends school in the morning and goes back to the team in the afternoon. Sometimes intensive training or competition, self-study textbooks. In the higher grades of primary school, the competition is too much, and the class can not be normal. Sometimes the school starts to go to school, the new book is gone, the end of the semester to the school to participate in the exam, the results are good. Go to school last spring. Spring high school class teacher Huang Haiyang said: "Zhu Jiner won the world championship, really happy for her. In fact, this result is not surprising, because she has been very good. In school, Zhu Tong


6 hot Ariza or change Monroe send Howard asking price high mystery – Sohu Sports winfast

6 hot spots: Ariza or Monroe sent Howard for high price hidden mystery – Sohu sports Beijing time on February 6th, let us review the news today (click to view the original title TOP5): 1. bucks or coveted Aliza Monroe Micah Viv is expected to enter the Houston Rockets according to U.S. media reports, the news source said, the next might go. Rockets forward Ariza chase. It is reported that, including Monroe, Makawe and other players, are the Bucks bargaining chip. As a veteran who is about 31 years old, although Ariza is not good at statistics, he has made a great contribution to the success of the team. In this regard, Ariza’s play has also been recognized by the rocket commander. It is worth mentioning that Ariza’s former Lakers teammate Kobe also appreciated his ability. Of course, considering the position of Ariza in the Rockets, if the Bucks want to chase Ariza, then it is necessary to provide enough attractive chips to impress the rockets. Earlier sources said, including Monroe, Makawe, Mayo and other players, all in the list of the list of bucks. 2. rockets send Warcraft, asking for possession of mystery, want to hold the Howard initiative, according to the YAHOO sports report, the reason why the Rockets in terms of selling Howard higher asking price, one big reason is that I hope to hold the initiative to renew Howard. After the news source said, the rockets and teams of the Howard deal, but it did not reach an agreement, the reason mainly lies in the rocket the price too high, thus a lot of buyers. Judging from the current situation, it is unlikely that the Rockets will be sending Howard away this season, but more likely to leave Howard behind. In the eyes of many people in the industry, the Rockets also regard Howard as a part of the future of the team. It is worth mentioning that Howard has the right to choose the water test player market in the summer. If that’s the case, then Howard clearly hopes to get a top wage contract. 3. exposure knight or pursuit wizard side of the person outside the target hit rate over curry ESPN famous reporter Blaine – Wen Khost get line newspaper, informed sources, the Cavaliers intend to introduce the Wizards by trading side Jared – Dudley. Last summer, the Cavaliers used to attract Dudley, but failed. The Cavaliers knew that to win the championship from the warriors this year, they need to improve their flank strength. 4. exposure clippers Nuggets plotting trading Griffin for half Orc + outside God shooting basketball expert Mitch Laurence’s exposure said, informed sources, the clippers have discussed with the Nuggets about Griffin’s deal. It is reported that the Clippers want to recruit "orcs" Kenneth – Fahad, and Italy marksman Danilo gallinari. The source said that the Nuggets contacted the Clippers actively, while the clippers were not interested in it, so the two sides did not conduct in-depth research. There are many teams in the League interested in Griffin, including the 76 team. 5. James: the chopping tactics should not be abolished, which is part of the game, from the report of the Cleveland honest people"

6日热点:阿里扎或换门罗 送霍华德要价高藏玄机-搜狐体育  北京时间2月6日,让我们回顾一下今日新闻TOP5(点击小标题查看原文):   1. 传雄鹿或觊觎火箭阿里扎 门罗迈卡威有望入休城   据美媒体报道,有消息源称,雄鹿接下来有可能会去追逐火箭前锋阿里扎。据悉包括门罗、迈卡威等球员在内,均是雄鹿的交易筹码。   作为一名即将年满31岁的老将,阿里扎尽管在数据统计方面并不出彩,但是对于球队胜利的贡献却很大。在这方面,阿里扎的发挥也得到了火箭将帅的认可。值得一提的是,阿里扎的前湖人队友科比也对他的能力赞赏有加。   当然考虑到阿里扎在火箭队内的地位,如果雄鹿要追逐阿里扎,那么势必要提供足够诱人的筹码来打动火箭。此前有消息源称,包括门罗、迈卡威、梅奥等球员在内,均在雄鹿的兜售名单之列。   2. 火箭送魔兽要价高藏玄机 欲握续约霍华德主动权   据美国雅虎体育报道,火箭之所以在兜售霍华德方面要价较高,一大原因在于,希望能握有续约霍华德的主动权。   此前有消息源称,火箭与多支球队探讨过有关霍华德的交易,不过目前并未达成协议,之所以如此,主要是在于火箭要价过高,这吓退了不少买家。从现有情况来看,火箭本赛季中送走霍华德并不太可能,而是更趋向于留下霍华德。   在不少业界人士看来,火箭方面更是将霍华德视为球队未来的一部分。值得一提的是,霍华德在今年夏天有权选择试水自由球员市场。如果届时真的如此,那么霍华德显然希望能获得一份顶薪合同。   3. 曝骑士或追求奇才侧翼 心仪人外线命中率超库里   ESPN著名记者布莱恩-文霍斯特得到线报,消息灵通人士透露,骑士队有意通过交易引进奇才队侧翼贾里德-杜德利。   去年夏天,骑士队曾就招揽过杜德利,但没有成功。骑士队明白,要想今年从勇士队手中夺走总冠军,必须提升侧翼实力。   4. 曝快船掘金密谋交易 格里芬换半兽人+外线神射?   篮球专家米奇-劳伦斯的曝料称,消息灵通人士透露,快船队已与掘金队探讨过有关格里芬的交易。据悉,快船队希望招揽到“半兽人”肯尼斯-法赫德,以及意大利神射手达尼罗-加里纳利。   消息源称,是掘金队主动联系了快船队,而当时快船队的兴趣并不大,所以双方没有进行深入的研究。联盟有不少球队对格里芬颇感兴趣,还包括76人队。   5. 詹姆斯:不应该废除砍鲨战术 这是比赛的一部分   来自《克利夫兰老实人报》的报道称,是否该废除“砍鲨战术”?骑士队当家球星勒布朗-詹姆斯发表了他的观点–不应该。   “我认为这没什么大问题,”詹姆斯表示,“最终,这只是比赛的一种策略。如果那是比赛的一部分,而你队中又有1名罚球糟糕的球员,显然那是比赛策略的一部分。”相关的主题文章:

He is gone, and the fire is still burning (Pioneer) – Society – People’s network beself

He’s gone, and the fire is still burning. – the society – some people are dead, he’s still alive. Gao Baolai is such a person. He regards Lei Feng as an idol, he believes in loyalty. As a grassroots police in the capital, high Bora in the ordinary post, burning himself to illuminate others. The children were infected by his love, the crowd was moved by his words and deeds, his colleagues were guided by his spirit…… Gao Baolai is gone, but his love in the transmission, the spirit of heritage, life continues. Love in the transmission of love, can be passed, only a small action, you can touch the hearts of the warmth of the people…… This is the kind of man the police, he passed on to everyone." This is Zhao Runze in the Haidian Experimental Primary School in the five grade to write the proposition – "a respectable man". "This topic, there are 50% students wrote was" police grandpa "." Haidian experimental primary school teacher Ma told reporters that the high school in the school gate 5 years of duty, the teachers put him in charge of the family, parents and children are even when he loved ones. To help parents and children to open the door, he passed a simple action to love, but also taught the children how to love." In the spring of 2015, the children did not see their "Grandpa."". The children are anxious to find a teacher, parents also arrived at the high school, Polaris was seriously ill in hospital, let everyone unbearable. A touch of love letters, a greeting card, the children want to use their hands to hold high the great grandfather. In the past, grandpa has been using his big hands to protect us, and now he is sick, we have to let him feel the warmth and strength from us." 10 yuan, 20 yuan, $100, $200…… The children take out of pocket money, parents to send love, teachers have generously. Designed for high school Bora held "the good life of peace loving donations, a morning raised more than 360 thousand yuan. Zhao Runze was in junior high school, specially to the mother in advance of pocket money, specially sent to the police station. Zhao Runze’s mother said, "it’s high officer who taught the children how to be grateful." "Their love gave me the greatest encouragement, I want to live strong."   children holding high high miss Grandpa, Bora with children, "I was ill, back guard, we say Be There Or Be Square." But always said high Bora do, this let me down. In the spirit of inheritance of "what is the force to support him, let him so tenaciously obsessed with community events, even putting their health in jeopardy?" The deeds of Gao Baolai, political commissar of the Haidian branch Liu Shaobo let into deep thinking. "I love Lei Feng very much, and I admire his real life. I will give my life to the party and the people, as Lei Feng did……" In finishing Gao Baolai’s file, he was 18 years old when he wrote the words, seems to give the answer. Community police work, cannot do without the stem out of the small household affairs, warm hearts. Residents of the big sister, early life bumpy, in mind相关的主题文章: