17Operators assume most of the telecommunications fraud and even all the responsibility – Sohu Technol|Operators assume most of the telecommunications fraud and even all the responsibility – Sohu Technol5

Operators assume most of the telecommunications fraud and even all the responsibility? Sohu of Shandong science and Technology University Xu Yuyu quasi incident caused widespread concern in the community, human life. After this incident, many people believe that this is the field of telecommunications fraud Wei Zexi incident. Therefore, the discussion triggered by this event is unprecedented. In many of the topics discussed, one of the most intense is the telecom operators (including virtual operators) should be responsible for what kind of responsibility. Some viewpoint after the incident, we can see, whether it is a network of grassroots public opinion, or some professional media (including some central media) to "fire" in the telecom operators who, especially for phone users real name system, the view that, in the implementation of real name telephone operators system response means, should count the cost. As long as the phone seems to be a real name system, it seems that telecommunications fraud can cure. This view looks really. If the phone real name system really has such a magical effect, the problem is simple to solve. Moreover, the phone real name system is actually beneficial to the operator’s operation. As early as 2013, the Ministry of industry on the request to actively promote the work. After several years of knock knock will, finally this year ushered in the history of the most stringent "real name system", which is required in the year 2016, the real rate is more than 95%. By June 30, 2017, the real name rate of 100%. To this end, from the beginning of this year, the major operators have also been informed by various means of real name system. For the new account users, there is no real name system can not open the user. Therefore, the real name system information stock users feeding on the most difficult. In this case, the major operators have announced that the time required for the real name system will not stop service. For the real name system, the original reaction is what? Of course this is condemning, condemning in the network world. Today, in the fight against the problem of telecommunications fraud, and in turn criticized the telecom operator’s real name system is not in place or not. There are some points of view, telecom operators should assume the main responsibility for telecommunications fraud or even full responsibility. If this is the case, it is too terrible! Have the habit of being scolded the telecom operators, in some similar events, always muffled, because no matter how to do public opinion reaction caused by the position, is surprisingly consistent. So choose not to sound may be the best choice. The only thing that can be done, that is, pay close attention to the real name system to increase efforts to push forward. Best in this year will be able to achieve the real name rate of 100%. In this way, may reduce some of the pressure of public opinion. At the same time, after the end of the virtual operator pilot business, to carry out the virtual operators to clean up and standardize the work. However, given the basic telecommunications services are open to the private capital of the community is of great significance to the virtual operator business, the overall prospects for the next is worrying. We note that, in the telecommunications fraud issue, because of the recent Xu Yuyu event, some media put forward the "see section 170 as long as the mobile phone number directly hang" proposal (warning). According to this argument, that virtual]

29Volkswagen agreed to compensate for the exhaust door implicated in the United States dealer d|Volkswagen agreed to compensate for the exhaust door implicated in the United States dealer d8

The public agrees to compensate by exhaust door involvement in the United States distributor   September to finalize the details — people.com.cn car — people.com.cn original title: Volkswagen agreed to pay by the exhaust gate involvement in the United States according to the United States to finalize the details of the September dealers "Detroit news" reported on August 25th, after Volkswagen diesel vehicle emissions due to false data into the scandal in the United States recently agreed to compensate the public American distributors, and the amount of details will be announced in September. Previously, due to Volkswagen diesel exhaust emissions did not meet the relevant standards of the United States, Volkswagen dealers in the United States are prohibited from selling excessive emissions of diesel vehicles. August 24th, Volkswagen Group in the United States announced a solution to the court in San Francisco, and said that for the diesel door implicated in the U.S. dealers, the public will be made in cash or other benefits compensation." Details on the issue of compensation has not yet been announced, the public said it will be finalized in September. A commissioned by the dealer, the prosecution of public lawyers also said that the final amount of compensation should be determined in the eighteenth months after the incident occurred in the diesel door. The North American leader Sin Rich Wombken (Hinrich Woebcken) believes that the United States reached a compensation agreement with the dealer "in American public to ensure the interests of dealers, is a very important link." He said: the dealer is a partner of the company, the public has always valued dealers loyalty and enthusiasm for the brand. After the announcement of the details of the compensation, the future cooperation between the public and the dealer will be more closely, in addition, for both partners and the United States market, it will enhance confidence." Volkswagen acknowledged that a total of 475 thousand vehicles with 2 liters of diesel emissions data involving fraud, in violation of the U.S. federal clean air act. U.S. regulators revealed that these vehicles in the daily running of nitrogen oxides exceeded 40 times the standard. (internship compilation: Zhang Yanfei reviewer: Liu Yang (Wu Xiaoqin), commissioning editor: Dou Ming)