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6 hot spots: Ariza or Monroe sent Howard for high price hidden mystery – Sohu sports Beijing time on February 6th, let us review the news today (click to view the original title TOP5): 1. bucks or coveted Aliza Monroe Micah Viv is expected to enter the Houston Rockets according to U.S. media reports, the news source said, the next might go. Rockets forward Ariza chase. It is reported that, including Monroe, Makawe and other players, are the Bucks bargaining chip. As a veteran who is about 31 years old, although Ariza is not good at statistics, he has made a great contribution to the success of the team. In this regard, Ariza’s play has also been recognized by the rocket commander. It is worth mentioning that Ariza’s former Lakers teammate Kobe also appreciated his ability. Of course, considering the position of Ariza in the Rockets, if the Bucks want to chase Ariza, then it is necessary to provide enough attractive chips to impress the rockets. Earlier sources said, including Monroe, Makawe, Mayo and other players, all in the list of the list of bucks. 2. rockets send Warcraft, asking for possession of mystery, want to hold the Howard initiative, according to the YAHOO sports report, the reason why the Rockets in terms of selling Howard higher asking price, one big reason is that I hope to hold the initiative to renew Howard. After the news source said, the rockets and teams of the Howard deal, but it did not reach an agreement, the reason mainly lies in the rocket the price too high, thus a lot of buyers. Judging from the current situation, it is unlikely that the Rockets will be sending Howard away this season, but more likely to leave Howard behind. In the eyes of many people in the industry, the Rockets also regard Howard as a part of the future of the team. It is worth mentioning that Howard has the right to choose the water test player market in the summer. If that’s the case, then Howard clearly hopes to get a top wage contract. 3. exposure knight or pursuit wizard side of the person outside the target hit rate over curry ESPN famous reporter Blaine – Wen Khost get line newspaper, informed sources, the Cavaliers intend to introduce the Wizards by trading side Jared – Dudley. Last summer, the Cavaliers used to attract Dudley, but failed. The Cavaliers knew that to win the championship from the warriors this year, they need to improve their flank strength. 4. exposure clippers Nuggets plotting trading Griffin for half Orc + outside God shooting basketball expert Mitch Laurence’s exposure said, informed sources, the clippers have discussed with the Nuggets about Griffin’s deal. It is reported that the Clippers want to recruit "orcs" Kenneth – Fahad, and Italy marksman Danilo gallinari. The source said that the Nuggets contacted the Clippers actively, while the clippers were not interested in it, so the two sides did not conduct in-depth research. There are many teams in the League interested in Griffin, including the 76 team. 5. James: the chopping tactics should not be abolished, which is part of the game, from the report of the Cleveland honest people"

6日热点:阿里扎或换门罗 送霍华德要价高藏玄机-搜狐体育  北京时间2月6日,让我们回顾一下今日新闻TOP5(点击小标题查看原文):   1. 传雄鹿或觊觎火箭阿里扎 门罗迈卡威有望入休城   据美媒体报道,有消息源称,雄鹿接下来有可能会去追逐火箭前锋阿里扎。据悉包括门罗、迈卡威等球员在内,均是雄鹿的交易筹码。   作为一名即将年满31岁的老将,阿里扎尽管在数据统计方面并不出彩,但是对于球队胜利的贡献却很大。在这方面,阿里扎的发挥也得到了火箭将帅的认可。值得一提的是,阿里扎的前湖人队友科比也对他的能力赞赏有加。   当然考虑到阿里扎在火箭队内的地位,如果雄鹿要追逐阿里扎,那么势必要提供足够诱人的筹码来打动火箭。此前有消息源称,包括门罗、迈卡威、梅奥等球员在内,均在雄鹿的兜售名单之列。   2. 火箭送魔兽要价高藏玄机 欲握续约霍华德主动权   据美国雅虎体育报道,火箭之所以在兜售霍华德方面要价较高,一大原因在于,希望能握有续约霍华德的主动权。   此前有消息源称,火箭与多支球队探讨过有关霍华德的交易,不过目前并未达成协议,之所以如此,主要是在于火箭要价过高,这吓退了不少买家。从现有情况来看,火箭本赛季中送走霍华德并不太可能,而是更趋向于留下霍华德。   在不少业界人士看来,火箭方面更是将霍华德视为球队未来的一部分。值得一提的是,霍华德在今年夏天有权选择试水自由球员市场。如果届时真的如此,那么霍华德显然希望能获得一份顶薪合同。   3. 曝骑士或追求奇才侧翼 心仪人外线命中率超库里   ESPN著名记者布莱恩-文霍斯特得到线报,消息灵通人士透露,骑士队有意通过交易引进奇才队侧翼贾里德-杜德利。   去年夏天,骑士队曾就招揽过杜德利,但没有成功。骑士队明白,要想今年从勇士队手中夺走总冠军,必须提升侧翼实力。   4. 曝快船掘金密谋交易 格里芬换半兽人+外线神射?   篮球专家米奇-劳伦斯的曝料称,消息灵通人士透露,快船队已与掘金队探讨过有关格里芬的交易。据悉,快船队希望招揽到“半兽人”肯尼斯-法赫德,以及意大利神射手达尼罗-加里纳利。   消息源称,是掘金队主动联系了快船队,而当时快船队的兴趣并不大,所以双方没有进行深入的研究。联盟有不少球队对格里芬颇感兴趣,还包括76人队。   5. 詹姆斯:不应该废除砍鲨战术 这是比赛的一部分   来自《克利夫兰老实人报》的报道称,是否该废除“砍鲨战术”?骑士队当家球星勒布朗-詹姆斯发表了他的观点–不应该。   “我认为这没什么大问题,”詹姆斯表示,“最终,这只是比赛的一种策略。如果那是比赛的一部分,而你队中又有1名罚球糟糕的球员,显然那是比赛策略的一部分。”相关的主题文章:

He is gone, and the fire is still burning (Pioneer) – Society – People’s network beself

He’s gone, and the fire is still burning. – the society – some people are dead, he’s still alive. Gao Baolai is such a person. He regards Lei Feng as an idol, he believes in loyalty. As a grassroots police in the capital, high Bora in the ordinary post, burning himself to illuminate others. The children were infected by his love, the crowd was moved by his words and deeds, his colleagues were guided by his spirit…… Gao Baolai is gone, but his love in the transmission, the spirit of heritage, life continues. Love in the transmission of love, can be passed, only a small action, you can touch the hearts of the warmth of the people…… This is the kind of man the police, he passed on to everyone." This is Zhao Runze in the Haidian Experimental Primary School in the five grade to write the proposition – "a respectable man". "This topic, there are 50% students wrote was" police grandpa "." Haidian experimental primary school teacher Ma told reporters that the high school in the school gate 5 years of duty, the teachers put him in charge of the family, parents and children are even when he loved ones. To help parents and children to open the door, he passed a simple action to love, but also taught the children how to love." In the spring of 2015, the children did not see their "Grandpa."". The children are anxious to find a teacher, parents also arrived at the high school, Polaris was seriously ill in hospital, let everyone unbearable. A touch of love letters, a greeting card, the children want to use their hands to hold high the great grandfather. In the past, grandpa has been using his big hands to protect us, and now he is sick, we have to let him feel the warmth and strength from us." 10 yuan, 20 yuan, $100, $200…… The children take out of pocket money, parents to send love, teachers have generously. Designed for high school Bora held "the good life of peace loving donations, a morning raised more than 360 thousand yuan. Zhao Runze was in junior high school, specially to the mother in advance of pocket money, specially sent to the police station. Zhao Runze’s mother said, "it’s high officer who taught the children how to be grateful." "Their love gave me the greatest encouragement, I want to live strong."   children holding high high miss Grandpa, Bora with children, "I was ill, back guard, we say Be There Or Be Square." But always said high Bora do, this let me down. In the spirit of inheritance of "what is the force to support him, let him so tenaciously obsessed with community events, even putting their health in jeopardy?" The deeds of Gao Baolai, political commissar of the Haidian branch Liu Shaobo let into deep thinking. "I love Lei Feng very much, and I admire his real life. I will give my life to the party and the people, as Lei Feng did……" In finishing Gao Baolai’s file, he was 18 years old when he wrote the words, seems to give the answer. Community police work, cannot do without the stem out of the small household affairs, warm hearts. Residents of the big sister, early life bumpy, in mind相关的主题文章:

The two sector quasi driving training mileage of not less than 300 km www.dytt8.net

The two sector: the quasi driving type training mileage of not less than 300 kilometers according to the Ministry of transportation website news, recently, informed the Ministry of transport, Ministry of Public Security issued on the motor vehicle driver training and teaching and examination syllabus: "teaching and examination of motor vehicle driver training program" (hereinafter referred to as the "Outline") implemented since October 1, 2016. "Outline" pointed out that the provinces should be based on the actual quasi driving training mileage (with reference, pictures, inquiry) to make the relevant requirements, but the minimum of not less than 300 km. According to reports, the outline is divided into "road traffic safety laws, regulations and related knowledge", "basic and field driving", "road driving" and "safe and civilized driving knowledge" four parts. After the end of each part of the training, the trainees should be assessed. "The foundation and ground driving" and "driving" the two part examination and appraisal by the proposed increase refresher training content and school recommendations. To encourage motor vehicle driver training institutions (hereinafter referred to as driving training institutions) employed two and above coaches as assessment. The "Outline", "road traffic safety laws and regulations and related knowledge" and "safe and civilized driving knowledge teaching can use multimedia teaching, network teaching, traffic safety experience in a variety of ways, promote classroom teaching and network teaching combination. Classroom teaching shall not be less than 6 hours, of which, road traffic safety laws, regulations and related knowledge shall not be less than 4 hours, safe and civilized driving knowledge shall not be less than 2 hours. The "Outline", "standard operating device based and field driving" in the "operation" and "started before the vehicle inspection and adjustment of teaching content, teaching equipment should be used in driving simulation;" the road "in the harsh conditions of driving", "mountain road" and "highway driving" etc. The driving simulation teaching equipment. Simulation teaching hours for 4 hours. At the same time, the teaching of "safe and civilized driving knowledge" should be integrated with the teaching of "road driving". In addition, the outline stressed that the provinces should be based on the actual quasi driving training mileage to make the relevant requirements, but the minimum of not less than 300 km. The driver training institutions should make teaching plans according to the outline and advocate the differential teaching according to the characteristics of the students. Wheeled self propelled vehicle (M), trolley bus (N), tram (P) three quasi driving type training syllabus, according to the needs of the provinces and the characteristics of their own development, and reported to the Ministry of transport for the record. Vocational education of large passenger car drivers, refer to the outline, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the personnel training program.相关的主题文章:

Operators campus marketing this year does not enter the platform www.tubecao.com

Operators campus marketing this year does not enter the platform JINGWAH times (reporter Gu Xiaoyu) yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Communications Authority documents show that this year, the three operators will not be taken into the campus platform marketing. Said the Beijing communications administration, to promote the Beijing campus telecommunications market norms, orderly and harmonious, this year, according to the Ministry of the relevant documents and the spirit of the meeting, continuous take many measures to urge all basic telecom enterprises law-abiding business, fair competition, cooperation and win-win. Require three operating companies to establish a linkage mechanism, prohibiting the signing of an exclusive agreement with the school to resist unreasonable costs. It is understood, Beijing mobile, Beijing Unicom and Beijing Telecom three basic operators for "telecom operators campus marketing undertaking self", to resist unreasonable costs, strict implementation of the ban physical gifts and other provisions. Each enterprise commitment, since August 22, 2016, in all schools do not take the way to enter the stage and other forms of marketing activities, the strict implementation of the commitments of self regulatory commitments, mutual supervision. Promotion: how cool is it to play games with VR? How cool is it with VR? Everything about VR, here, VR dimension WeChat public number (qqtechvr), a virtual world quest!相关的主题文章:

Psychology of marriage 5 acts to flirt with men crazy for you (Figure) www.ddd13.com

Psychology of marriage: 5 acts to flirt with men crazy for you (Figure 5) the Eiffel behavior to flirt with men crazy for you every single girl, who is hoping is a very attractive girl, but how to let oneself become glamorous, eyes bright girl, actually this is not only refers to you sexy appearance. A little girl’s behavior many times, can make a man of you crazy and put it down, and now the teacher with the view of Eiffel what behavior traits, remember to remind friends, mutual support for each other! First, maintain the confidence to become the first condition of charming girls, you must always have faith in yourself, a lot of girls of their appearance is not too confident, always mind body is not good, the appearance is not enough sweet and so on, the more you are limited by these external things, you will not emit dazzling brilliance, confident girl the most beautiful. It is precisely because of this beautiful self-confidence, will let the girls more sparkling, so that men are more obsessed with love. Therefore, as a modern woman, want to attract him, it is necessary to keep confident. Two, have their own life a girl to love yourself, love work, love life, have their own friends or social circle, independent of their personality, a person can also be very good, so the independent character, not once fell in love with a man for his own life, just kind of mentality will make men feel emotionally without pressure! Three, regular exercise, maintain physical fitness we know that exercise can keep fixed, curve and the cheerful girl gentle open-minded mood. So let yourself develop a fixed exercise habits, so that they can be physically and mentally healthy, will make you more attractive to women! Four, be brave, be gentle and another girl’s most attractive characteristics, be brave, can also gentle, modest girl coquetry will seem lovely. As long as its own unique charming lover in front of the performance of a man is very easy to be your lovely charming condition down, so as to obtain a man want to protect girls’ mental satisfaction. Five, to maintain economic independence, now many single girls every day hard work, is to let oneself can maximize the value, or get a great sense of achievement, but in addition, let yourself have a stable job, and good income, so that they can have economic independence, not a man raise, this trait is also very easy to attract a man’s attention!相关的主题文章: