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10.10 next Monday, crude oil, silver, the story big reversal, the trend of natural gas still Sina fund exposure platform: the letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The news last week is a major news continuously. However, some people are happy, there will be some people worry! Anyway, let’s take a look at this week’s oil market which is worthy of our attention! (October 8th) – (in October 7th) the total number of wells in the United States increased by 15 weeks, the highest level since the year of February 2016. After the data were released, the oil price shock. (October 9th) – () Barkin, general secretary of the OPEC, plans to meet with Mr. Novak on the sidelines of the energy conference next week. In addition, according to the SEDA weekly, Iran oil long will not go to Istanbul next week to attend the meeting. (October 14th) next week, Fed chairman Yellen’s speech will not provide more specific forward-looking guidance, I believe that most of them continue to play Tai Chi, emphasizing incremental interest rate hike. Black Friday, oil prices down long profits fell to 50 below the mark prices since the week highs fell 1[%], the market for OPEC production plan to boost the rise in profits. Oil prices fell about 1[%] on Friday, market participants on the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) cut hopes to boost profit margins. OPEC reduction in oil prices in the past week, hoping to push up nearly 15[%], hitting four month high. Increase in the southeastern United States winter heating demand is expected, on Friday the U.S. natural gas futures contract prices rose, a 21 month high this week, natural gas futures have risen 10[%]; however, hurricane Matthew hit Florida, causing the state more than 800 thousand households and business interruption of power supply, which means that the trachea via Florida the transportation of natural gas or will decline to below a month average. Crude oil market analysis next week: crude oil, more time is over. From the history of the market we can determine, every time after the boom, decline, it will send a get out of hand, it also gave us a chance to suggest that short! But before I have said, the bulls are already at a high level from the four hour chart can be seen at the beginning of the MACD formation in high speed MACD departure from the top, the line has been running at a high level, the kinetic energy has been in the low divergence, plus positions has been reduced, it also shows that an open interest in the market, at this time do not blindly pursue, closing on Friday ended with a bardo, then next week will open a new round of decline. Prudent to do more. Next Monday the idea of $50 empty, stop $50.3, the target looks at $49.2. Silver market analysis next week: Silver nonfarm rose after the first drop, once touched the 17.1 position. Keep 17 of the lifeline, I said, $17 is the lifeline of silver, if the market Powei $17, the dollar back, the second half of this year, there is no chance of相关的主题文章: