2 pregnant women cover 10 year old girl cashier stealing in less than 30 seconds and stole 40 thousa-tianbi

2 pregnant women cover 10 year old girl cashier stealing in less than 30 seconds and stole 40 thousand two pregnant and lactating women enter the market fruit wholesale store, pretending to buy vegetables, fruits or vegetables to attract the attention of a clerk, only ten years old little girl is waiting to steal into the cashier. The little girl with skill, just 30 seconds, open the cashier drawer, will be 40 thousand yuan in cash collected in the bag. The day before, Longgang police through the line after the excavation, fled to Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou, is composed of pregnant and lactating women and minors theft gangs, arrested 3 suspects and a child, with breaking a number of similar cases. (a red suspect pretending to buy something a clerk.) (the little girl to steal stolen money.) The vegetable store bizarre stolen 40 thousand yuan in September 5th 11 am, Longgang Longgang Public Security Bureau police station received a report that his master Zheng, located in Longgang District Longgang Street Limin wholesale market of garlic and ginger wholesale stolen cash 4 yuan RMB business. The police then extracted the scene through video surveillance, found at the time, there were two women and a little girl has entered the shop, a left and right respectively to buy sweet potato and ginger, attracted two store clerk to the reception. While the little girl took the opportunity to take a few steps to the cashier, straight open the drawer, in nearly 30 seconds, and even caught a few banknotes and coins into the pants, and then quickly leave. After a while, two women did not buy anything but also out of the shop. Although there is no communication between the two women and children in the video, but the police judged it was a premeditated theft gang. That case, Longgang Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade immediately deployed police station and other relevant departments, Longgang police task force composed of investigation in full swing. Huiyang to steal 3 yuan caught the current September 18th 10 am, the task force tracking master to suspect staying in Dongguan Tangxia Town Phoenix Gang community rental housing, rental only in Dunshou but I saw a man, did not find the two women and girls. Police continue to observe, and soon found the man left the house, driving a car away. The police secretly tracking all the way, I saw the man driving all the way to Huizhou Wei Jie freshwater District of Huiyang City, and then parked the car in the street. About two hours later, a woman just out of the shop and the little girl was found in the vicinity of a fruit shop, police on the spot to the two people who seized illicit money more than 3 yuan. However, this Yangxing women claimed he was shopping with her daughter to buy things, refused to admit the crime of theft. Police then entered the fruit shop, confirmed that more than 3 yuan is the fruit store has just stolen money, Yang it quiet. Then, the police Dunshou monitoring another car just ran to the women and men should bear a driving wumou control. After the trial, the suspect Yang, Wu Xiong, and the little girl was born in Hunan. The police, the little girl is not actually Yang’s daughter, but the village girl. Under questioning, Yang, Xiong eventually confessed to the beginning of September 5th, by the Wu is responsible for driving the shuttle, morning相关的主题文章: