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In 2016 investors active "holiday" Internet investment overheating again – Beijing from the "air period" of 3 to 5 investors chase 1 projects, in 2016 the investment initiative "holiday"   Internet investment overheating again (economic hot) Chinese petroleum, Sinopec and other Tencent beyond traditional enterprises become one of the biggest companies in Asia market. The payment service after the B round of financing up to $60 billion valuation, catching the market value of Baidu, Uber drops and merged into the new company valuation is expected to reach $35 billion…… Internet Unicorn who appeared, so crazy capital. However, from the beginning of last year, many entrepreneurs find in many quality targets frequently hit a high of financing at the same time, some investors have no money. Although the investment is still fiery Internet, but has revealed the inflection point. Investment hot formed from the boiling point to the high valuation, high efficiency, investment and investment scale record highs in the "three high" symptoms O2O, Internet banking, network IP…… With the rapid development of mobile Internet, Internet has continued hot words shuabing. However, more and more difficult to melt into the capital of entrepreneurs, more and more cautious investors have told us that today’s Internet industry is very hot, but is no longer a high fever". The Internet and the capital of the "honeymoon" is a nouveau riche burn in love: from 2012 to 2014 to getting better, the first half of 2015 into the "air", various funds crazy burn, so that the formation of a "three high" symptoms. High valuation. Bo capital manager Fang Haotian recalled, in the Internet field, 2000 is $thirty-five million high investment, and by 2014, 2015, "hundreds of millions of dollars of investment are not fresh." Ming potential capital partner Ceng Yingzhe stressed that the tuyere period, regardless of the project is good or bad, its valuation is far higher than its actual value. High efficiency. "The air" is seeking capital project, on average 3 to 5 investors chase 1 projects, all investment fast, lest they fall over each other, the second project was to seize the other investors." In Beijing, a fund investment director Zhang Liang (a pseudonym) said. Fang Hao days memories, 2012 years ago, the project will often require a round of financing for 2 to 3 years, while in the – 2014, often ushered in the beginning of the A round of investment by the end of the year, there will be B round and C round of investment. The amount of investment and the size of the investor record highs. "Air" crazy influx of funds from various quarters of 2014, a record high of Chinese risk investment; logistics open "gangster SF SF hey off" into the O2O field, Wanda Tencent, Baidu launched fifan electronic business platform, WAL-MART wholly acquired the 1 store in Chinese business…… Many of the traditional industrial enterprises have entered, hoping to use the Internet to create a new growth point, from a slice; more hit fame project has begun to frequently burn "daotie", circle customer "peibenzhuanyaohe" momentum. To carpool slightly as an example, in December 2014 it got better相关的主题文章: