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25 kinds of books named "China most beautiful book" – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Lu Yanxia) 2016 annual "most beautiful Chinese" award announced yesterday, 25 kinds of books from the 18 national press awarded this year "the most beautiful book Chinese" title, and will participate in the 2017 annual "on behalf of China the world’s most beautiful" award. "The most beautiful book China" title is "the Aiyi love poetry" "comments and commented: on China contemporary architecture discussion" language "," jade "red flowers blossom" "Jinling" map of the alley figures "tea" concept "style — Chinese contemporary artists graphic Jicui" "free and beautiful" "for the children Chinese characters kingdom": Liang Sicheng’s "unadorned beauty of ancient architecture" "ink" drama "Leng Bingchuan Mexico moment" etc.. This year’s "China most beautiful" award registration work started in June this year, by units and individuals and sending experts recommend three ways, received a total of 328 books, 656 volumes of participating. All participating books covering literature, art, science and technology, education, history, life and children, after all the judges of the two round of the secret ballot, in November 12th to produce the final result. "The most beautiful book China" was founded in 2003, is sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of press and publication of book design annual contest, inviting top designers of books at home and abroad as the judges, elected as "Chinese most beautiful book" and sent to Germany to Leipzig to participate in the annual "world’s most beautiful book" award. Over the past more than and 10 years, there have been the first batch of the 13 batch of "China’s most beautiful book" debut in Leipzig, Germany, there are 15 won the world’s most beautiful book award, of which there are 2 gold award.相关的主题文章: