[365] lottery lottery 3D 16235th the forecast period Danma 239- Sohu stand by me shinee

[365] lottery lottery 3D 16235th the forecast period: 239- Danma Sohu Chinese welfare lottery lottery results 3D 2016234th period: 204, small, even even-even combination, and a value of 6, span 4, the sales of 42145274 yuan, in the direct election of 7409, the group selected 15578 note, 2016235 lottery 3D forecast: the period of review Danma in 24 Danma analysis: nearly 10 period number 3 appears 2 times, the historical record and number 2 and 8, the frequent association, Danma 239; and the tail and tail analysis: nearly 5 were 4-7-6-9-6, optimistic about the large number and tail covering, the recommendation and the tail 124 span of nearly 5; time span is 6-4-2-5-4 respectively, the amplitude of bullish too large, the recommended 789 span; location: 100 at number ten curious recommend 239; see recommended 145 bit decimal; optimistic about the large number of 078 recommended next recommendation: Danma: 239-23-3 and tail: 124 span: 789 positioning analysis: 239145078 straight group analysis: 920380930950211218 (source: 219318914239344 lottery 365)相关的主题文章: