5% of the population is genetically determined their higher than normal aging death (video) 驯龙高手dm456

5% of the population genetically determined them more than ordinary people old premature death in the United States University of California at Los Angeles latest research shows that the longevity of some people is determined by their genes, Never mind and acquired smoking, drinking and eating habits. According to the British Daily Mail reported that, at present, scientists, an innovative research shows that 5% of the population is genetically determined to be faster than others, and died earlier. Scientists at the University of California at Los Angeles, the latest evidence shows that everyone has their own "internal clock", which is not consistent with the process of running speed. This means that some people are 50% times more likely to die early than the general population, and this has nothing to do with whether he has a history of smoking, whether he likes to drink or not. The study will explain why some people die before they are 100 years old, even though they have a good sleep, physical exercise, a healthy lifestyle and no stress in their lives. Experts say this is a very important breakthrough in the future to help new ways to slow the aging process. Study leader, University of California at Los Angeles scientist Steve – Horvat (Steve Horvath) said: "although the healthy lifestyle may help to extend the life expectancy of human congenital aging process will always bound we can not escape the fate of death." The study published in the recent publication of "aging" magazine, the research team of blood samples for the United States and Europe more than 1.3 people were analyzed by DNA, they use a tool for everyone Horvath aging speed measurement. This tool is also known as the "epigenetic clock", the University of California has applied for a provisional patent, by observing the role of methylation (DNA decomposition process), to calculate the aging process of human tissue and blood. After that, they used the data as a "physiological age" for each test, compared with their true age, and the life expectancy was calculated. To their surprise, they found that some people, even if they are in good health, are doomed to die earlier than their peers. 5% of the aging faster, resulting in an increase in their probability of illness of 50%, easy to form an early death. Study co-author and associate professor of cardiovascular medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine (Themistocles Assimes) – Themistocles Eich Maes explained that it is not clear that how to determine the life span of the internal clock. Dr. Eich Maes said: "is age-related epigenetic change a direct cause of death in older adults? Perhaps this innate gene can only exacerbate the development of certain diseases, or weaken the ability to resist disease. Further research is needed to address these issues in the future." Horvat pointed out that, in any case, this discovery provides critical clues to how to maintain the aging population longer life, effective interventions can extend the life of 5-20 years. This "epigenetic clock" allows scientists to quickly assess the effectiveness of anti-aging treatment within 3 years. (yoyo compilation) [life] naggings genetic engineering to create the perfect man, really? @ grapefruit wood subtitles group相关的主题文章: