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"6? 25" large telecommunications network fraud cracked telephone recording revealed – con trick Beijing police busted 3 cross-border fraud Gang arrested 101 people Zhejiang police cracked 6 days ago? 25 "large telecommunications network fraud, destroyed 3 large cross-border telecommunications network fraud criminal gangs and arrested a number of links dens the organizers, operators and platform providers, to change the number of lines taking the 101 suspects, involving about 20000000 yuan. Since April this year, the Wenzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau for the telecommunications network fraud posing as public security organs frequently, centralized judge on clue intelligence found, found by a number of Taiwanese organizations in Kampuchea telecommunications fraud dens of crime gangs. In mid June of this year, under the unified deployment of the Ministry of public security, Zhejiang, Wenzhou and other places sent a working group to Kampuchea police. In cooperation with local police, arrested 39 telecommunications fraud suspects. In June 24th this year, the Chinese police suspect was escorted home. Through the interrogation of the 39 telecommunications network fraud suspects, the task force to find out that they belong to the 3 groups are not related to fraud, fraud involving Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places. For the part of the gang members have returned home, the end of July this year, the task force in cooperation with Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shandong and other places of public security organs, have arrested 40 suspects. Subsequently, the task force to increase the case line business, change the number of platform providers and other intermediaries investigation efforts. To carry out the net action in Henan, Fujian, Guizhou, captured telecommunications fraud to, line rental and trafficking of bank cards and other intermediate links 22 suspects. Deputy director of Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou City Public Security Bureau Wang: we take this back to the dens of the part of the staff as the starting point, finally develops seven or eight aspects, including the line support, including the number, business change into public security units, we are a part of staring. Try to do to extermination, No. more than and 100 is such a link, a crowd object back. At present, the case has already approved the arrest of more than and 80 people, the case is still under further investigation. The police seized fraud recordings reveal con trick in detecting this case, the police seized a number of telephone recording and the corresponding fraud script from the traffic dens in Kampuchea, these recordings under the guidance of the operator through the fraud script, a step-by-step process will suffer people into "fraud trap". The police seized the telephone recording fraud: I have a group of identity card information to verify with you, I read you out, you listen carefully to see if it is not, 321323*215x this is your ID number? The phone is the victim Yang Jiangsu, fraudsters lied to the Suqian Municipal Public Security Bureau police, accurately reported the victim’s name and ID number, the personal information is a fraud syndicate through illegal way purchase. Subsequently, fraudsters began to ask the victim in what kind of environment. The police seized the telephone recording of fraud: I ask, you are at home or in the unit? I am in Nanjing. When did you go?.相关的主题文章: