6 year old man killed with old picks and drinking brine Dutch Act (video) huangshexiaoshuo

6 year old man killed with old picks and drinking brine Dutch act early in the morning, sixty old man somehow picks his wife killed herself, drinking brine Dutch act. Friends and neighbors have come to the rescue, but the old man jumped from the car refused to rescue. Yesterday, the reporter came to the village, many villagers feel regret at the same time on the telephone so leave, until now wonder: has always been to outsiders the impression is very good old two times out of this. September 2nd morning 6 am, Huludao City, Suizhong County, town police station received a report, said the area of a village after killing his wife Deng man will drink bittern and Dutch act, refused to rescue. After receiving the alarm, police station rushed to the scene, the old man found his wife side down in their own room on the ground, the head has a lot of blood, dead. At this time the old man was lying on the Kang, drinking brine attempted suicide. The simple understanding that the old man just said Deng lived long enough, with picks his wife killed. Police in Fangshan found a home on the west side of the old farm pick, above a lot of blood. Then the police immediately report the situation, protect the scene, and actively organize rescue. Can wait until the paramedics arrived, confirmed that the old man has died. Yesterday, the reporter saw the old man home, Deng was an old-fashioned brick bungalow, the two gate has been locked, hospital clean. A neighbor said Deng old man at the age of 38 had a waist off, the current old man has minimal assurance. The day before the incident, the old man and his neighbors sitting together chatting, no abnormal phenomenon. "Nobody can, only more than and 10 hours later, he would do it. I heard the old man killed his wife, and given to the girl called the old lady fell very sick, let the girl come in a hurry. So the girl rushed to see mother died, ask why the old man is not to say, do not let father to rescue." Many villagers said, the old couple is very popular in the village, who have something to ask will take the initiative to help. Overnight them in such a way to leave people very sad, feel unbelievable. Flower fall killed a two-year-old boy house owner manslaughter jingfangxingju相关的主题文章: