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Home-Securtiy A Few Ways In Which You Can Defend Yourself Against An Attackby Donald Smith What can you do to defend yourself in an attack that will stop your attacker yet, keep you safe at the same time? There are lots of things you can do to protect yourself but are they safe to you and those around you? 1.Buy a Gun Some states allow you to purchase and carry a gun on your person. Yes guns are very effective in stopping an attacker but there are several draw backs. If you shoot someone in most cases you lose your gun because the cops need to take it into evidence and you never see it again. Studies show that in most cases where police officers have been shot…it has been with their own gun. After you fire your weapon at the attacker…what is behind him? Where is the bullet going to go. Is there someone behind the attacker? Taking the time to look and see can cost you dearly. 2.Learn Karate Learning karate is something I definately re.mend. It not only teaches you to defend yourself but, it also teaches you self control and dissaplin. This is a great tactic if you are alone and there are not too many attackers. If someone is with you the longer you have to fight the attackers off the more you are putting yourself and whoever is with you at risk. You need to end the attack quick and get yourself and your friend out of there. 3.Buy Self Defense Weapons Buying self defense weapons such as pepper spray, stun guns, and tasers is probably the safest method of defending yourself as they put nobody’s life at risk. If the attacker were to get ahold of your pepper spray, stun gun, or your taser. Your life is in no immediate danger as these are non-lethal self defense weapons. With pepper spray, tasers, or stun guns you do not have to worry about the projectile hitting an innocent bystander. Additional benefits of self defense weapons- Pepper Spray- pepper spray temporarily swells the eyes and mucas membranes and makes breathing difficult. Stun Guns- Stun guns will turn the attackers muscles into jelly and depending on the voltage can sometimes cause the attacker to lose consiousness. Tasers- Tasers have the same effects as a stun gun with the added bonus you can be standing up to 16 feet away from the attacker and still use the self defense weapon. In closing I would say that the best thing you can do in an attack to protect yourself and your loved ones is to have some pepper spray in your car and on your person at all times. When an attack happens you can spray them with the pepper spray. This will throw them off guard and in most cases stop the attack all together. Sometimes in rare occasions the attacker is used to pepper spray but it will still slow them down long enough for you to pull out a taser or a stun gun. Not too many people are imune to the effects of these self defense weapons. Once they are stunned by one of these weapons you will have time to get away. A word of warning…Though they are very effective the effects of a stun gun or taser are only temporary. Don’t stick around to admire your work. Do what you have to do and get out of there. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: