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A shopping center in Kunming also has a "husband cloakroom"   friends laugh: be careful to be taken away — Yunnan channel — people.com.cn original title: Kunming, a shopping center is also a "husband cloakroom" friends laugh: be careful to be taken away in order to provide customers with better service, many shopping centers are equipped with storage items and it is in this two days, a shopping center of Kunming Guangfu Road, a "husband cloakroom" sign has attracted the attention of people. It is understood that the store set up "husband deposit room" seats, a variety of fashion magazines, as well as a table football machine. 29 at noon, the reporter in the shopping center on the third floor to find a "husband cloakroom", the reporter saw, this is a more than 30 square meters of Rest Area located in shopping malls, relatively quiet area, inside the decoration is quite cartoon, the rows in the wall place; the "husband cloakroom" in addition to a a display of fashion car magazine shelves, and a table football machine. Reporter noted that, regardless of men and women at the mall shopping customers, most will be curious to go in and see, or in self pictures, but no real man "is registered on the inside. The shopping center staff, in order to give customers a different feeling, they will carefully lift the hall channel, known as the "dead" into space, to provide customers with the rest of the space "street impression" and "husband storage (smoking) and other special places. For shopping malls designed "husband deposit room" this design, many netizens have expressed good intimate, but also netizens crying "single dog lying gun, and see the new show loving way.". But there are also many netizens ridicule: if this shopping back, found his husband was taken away, how to do? (reporter Liu Jia photo coverage) (Sheng Yu, Zhu Hongxia wood: commissioning editor) 昆明一购物中心也有“老公寄存处” 网友调侃:小心被别人领走–云南频道–人民网 原标题:昆明一购物中心也有“老公寄存处” 网友调侃:小心被别人领走   为了给顾客提供更好的服务,不少购物中心都设有物品寄存处,可就在这两天,昆明广福路的一家购物中心里,一个“老公寄存处”的标牌引起了大家的注意。据了解,这家商场设置的“老公寄存处”里有座椅、各种时尚杂志,还有一台桌上足球机。   29日中午,记者在该购物中心的三楼找到了“老公寄存处”,记者看到,这是一个30多平方米的休息区,设在商场相对安静的区域,里面装修颇为卡通,在靠墙的地方放有几排座椅;这个“老公寄存处”除了设有一个摆放时尚汽车杂志的书架外,还有一台桌上足球机。记者注意到,在商场逛街的顾客,不管男女,大多会好奇地进去瞧瞧,或是进去自拍留影,但基本没有男士真正“被寄存”在里面。   该购物中心的工作人员介绍,为了给顾客不同的感受,他们用心地将通道、电梯厅这类被称为“死角”的空间,改造成给顾客提供休息空间的“老街印象”、“老公寄存处(吸烟室)”等特色场所。   对于商场设“老公寄存处”的这种设计,众多网友纷纷表示好贴心,也有网友“哭诉”单身狗又躺枪了,又看到新的秀恩爱的方式了。不过也有不少网友调侃:这要是购物回来了,发现自己老公被人领走了怎么办呢?(记者 刘嘉 摄影 报道) (责编:木胜玉、朱红霞)相关的主题文章: