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African students went to Sichuan to learn science: Qingshen bamboo sigh time is not enough – Beijing new network in Meishan in August 25, (Liu Gang Wang Peng) "back to Garner, I will learn here bamboo techniques taught the people around," the 55 year old Douglas told reporters that two months of study very nervous, not enough. Sichuan province is located in the city of Meishan is "Qingshen County, China bamboo art of" hometown of bamboo resources are very rich. Farm Fangqianwuhou, Mizobe across the hillside bamboo. Walking on the road between the village, the location of the eyes, mostly covered with bamboo. Training site. Photo by Liu Gang in the summer in August, Qingshen County China bamboo town, 2016 Garner bamboo products development and processing technical training classes. The China, organized by the Ministry of Commerce Taketo, Taketo International Center for international organizations organized training courses, 19 from Africa will let Garner students learn bamboo craft in two months. The reporter saw in the bamboo training room, students are divided into four groups to learn knitting small baskets. Compared with two weeks ago to the unfamiliar, they many skilled movements. Several bamboo teacher notes from time to time when told they weave. After the teacher personally demonstration weaving, the students broke out enthusiastic applause. Why come to Sichuan over a great distance from West Africa, Chinese, learning bamboo craft? Douglas said, in Garner, bamboo and rattan products are common, bamboo furniture also has a broad market. "However, our quality is not good enough to do very rough," Douglas said, because of this, they hope to learn more refined bamboo craft in China, back home. Turning to the most difficult place to learn knitting process, Douglas said, because he had never touched the plane before weaving, so a little difficult to start. "But the teachers teach very seriously, after a period of familiarity, I feel better and better now," said Douglas. Chinese bamboo city leader Chen Lan told reporters that this training, students will learn bamboo handicrafts and furniture were woven in two months. Chen Lan said, "the students returned to the motherland, will enhance their process of bamboo products, but also a process of inheritance of Qingshen bamboo products." Professor Chen Yunhua every day, the group of special students also have their own feelings. He told reporters that the students just came to the city of bamboo, has experienced a period of adaptation. A few days later, to see their own training, actually woven a beautiful bamboo products, began to warm up. Students practice knitting. Liu Gang photo "now they do not rest at noon, after lunch to come," said Chen Yunhua, foreign students to learn very seriously, and now the time to learn to weave a day to reach more than and 10 hours. "Even some students will go to work overtime at night." Chen Yunhua’s hand, there is a student who personally wrote the experience. "Eye-opening" and "thank you", "incentive"…… In the experience of the students, such words can be seen everywhere. This group from Garner to Chinese learn foreign students, trying to learn the bamboo craft in Qingshen, after returning home for the benefit of their people. Two months)相关的主题文章: