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Broadband-Internet An article by Russ Britt of MarketWatch, a Dow Jones & .pany-owned financial information website providing business news, analysis, and stock market data since 1997, revealed Washington, D.C. as the holder of the first position in MarketWatchs annual ranking of U.S. Top 10 Cities for Business for the year 2011. As Washington, D.C. secured the top spot on MarketWatchs annual ranking not only because of suitable business conditions for this year, but also because of the success that the businesses in the capital has had during the recession, an internet marketer cant help but wonder what must have been the scope of the role of internet marketing firm in the top position that the capital has acquired in the faster-than-ever U.S., the country with the worlds second highest number of internet users in a country or 12.2% of worlds total internet users. To get an estimate, one must pay close attention at what the article by Britt says about Washington, D.C. The most fundamental facts that contributed to the present status of the capital, according to Britt, include: Seat of government Expansion of the federal government A big-spending government Lets now see what each of the above brings to the economy of any city. The first bullet point above helps advance military economy of as well as proves helpful when tourists want to see how and where business is done in the country in question. The second ones benefits to the economy are obvious. The third one, in Britts own words, A big-spending government also creates a ripple effect on the economy, not only aiding in the creation of new businesses but also helping to draw established .panies to the region. It is at this point – after each of the above mentioned benefits that each of the facts mentioned before them above brings – that some form of marketing is required for businesses of the city or capital for it to be.e a best city for business because mere creation of new businesses and even the relocation of established .panies cant bring success alone. They, the businesses, also need marketing to tell their target market about their creation or relocation and how and why their location can be beneficial for their customer base, so that the businesses prosper and consequently .plete the title of the best city for business for the city or capital. When it .es to marketing, the most far-reaching and arguably the most effective kind of marketing is internet marketing. It is therefore not difficult to imagine that internet marketing firms did play a role, and not a small one, for Washington D.C. in Americas best city for business in 2011. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: