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Another glamour: Japanese granny cheerleading with an average age of 70 years (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, October 14, mentioned the cheerleaders, immediately emerge out of a beautiful girl a youthful will you mind, full of vitality, the hot dance scene? But according to foreign media reports, with an average age of 70 years old grandma cheerleaders in Japan, the course of their struggle is a different kind of wonderful. According to reports, at present, the average life expectancy for women 87 years old, male age of 80. In accordance with the country’s standards, its healthy life will be reduced by ten years. However, the "old grandma cheerleaders members didn’t think so. First of all, to join them, the age to reach 55 years of age. A 84 year old member of long Yewen team? Words, become a full of vitality cheerleaders is their secret of staying young. In many occasions, they face with exquisite makeup, wearing a gold laced pink skirt, performing dance like those young girls, highlighting the passion of the game. It also allows them to maintain a state of mind and body in a dynamic state. However, due to age and health reasons, the number of members has been decreasing year by year. Recruitment of new members has gradually become a problem. Even so, Sojima Nobuko, a more than and 60 year old member of the team, is still keen on his team. She said, in addition to maintaining vitality, here we can also find like-minded partners, just for the increasingly lonely elderly life to add a few comfort.相关的主题文章: