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Another star’s death, whether AI can read depression sad – Sohu technology recently, a 28 year old singer, actor Qiao Renliang’s death sparked widespread concern for depression. For a time, micro-blog and other major social networks around the topic of depression heat unabated. From San Mao, Hemingway, to Leslie Cheung, to the number of people who have suffered from depression, torture, and so on. If it is not personal experience, for ordinary people, experience the pain of depression may be an easy thing. So, universal AI can help? This year coincides with the 60 anniversary of the birth of artificial intelligence, with the continuous development of AI technology, it seems that nothing can not do it. In recent years, artificial intelligence has made great progress in understanding human emotions, and sometimes even more than the people around you can read your heart. The recognition of human emotions in artificial intelligence in many ways is to imitate the human mind, speech, movement. The machine is more and more human like, which is whether the significance of existence — the Turing test machine can use their own thinking to deceive a human? How to make artificial intelligence a better understanding of human emotions, which is an important part of the Turing test. SRI international lab is working on this. Here is the birthplace of Siri, the researchers hope to develop more able to understand the feelings of human intelligence and chat robots. Let the robot seconds to understand the people’s minds, has been the general direction of artificial intelligence efforts, SRI international laboratory is a lot of work for the dream of the Internet, the organization of A. However, the wisdom of mankind will be thousands on thousands of all knowledge, even in the chip from ancient to modern times, the robot still need to learn to communicate in order to play the value, and the primary task of communication is to recognize human emotions. SRI lab has made some progress in human face recognition technology. When you play the game, they can detect changes in facial expressions, the computer before you find that you are not from a certain point of the game began to get bored. The technology can also be used in other situations, for example, to see the audience’s emotional changes in speech training. This technique is called SenSay analysis, through the analysis of human behavior, such as typing mode, voice tone, facial expressions and body movements can be predicted, they want to express emotions, and then used to adjust the machine response. For example, a virtual assistant, when making a phone call or face-to-face conversation with a client, will slow down and explain if the customer does not understand or confuse the concept. The technique can even detect human emotions – joy, surprise, or sadness. Understand you like "Her"? In the movie "Her", Samantha artificial intelligence operating system can not only help the protagonist quick disposal of mail, documents and other work, but also like friends understand you, understand you, and even human love. In real life, such personal assistant is also becoming a reality, such as Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s disease相关的主题文章: