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The article approached the birth of the baby umbilical cord abnormal maternal bacteria – Sohu in October outside broadcasting: "Hello, I’m off bacteria in October. What we are now seeing is the baby in the mother’s belly look like, connecting the baby and pregnant mother is the link between the umbilical cord." "Do not look at this umbilical cord is a bit ugly, but the baby needs nutrients are absorbed through the umbilical." If the umbilical cord abnormalities, it will hinder the normal intake of nutrients fetal baby. So the umbilical cord is the lifeline of the fetus, the umbilical cord is normal, the normal development of the fetus is also critical." In October from the scene for you: "the umbilical cord length and the thickness will affect fetal development" and "long cord, is more prone to knot of umbilical cord and umbilical cord around the neck and other issues, in the pregnant mother in childbirth can easily cause prolapse of umbilical cord." "The umbilical cord is too short, there will be no elastic space, may be due to pull and lead to early abruption of the placenta, umbilical cord bleeding or vaginal discharge after childbirth." The umbilical cord is too thick, but also prone to placental abruption, premature rupture of membranes, baby malformation, stillbirth and other unforeseen circumstances "and" the umbilical cord is too thin, will hinder the baby’s nutrition and discharge operation, resulting in very low birth weight, fetal intrauterine asphyxia is baby and death." OTC in October for you to explain: "so pregnant mothers who should be alert to the situation of abnormal umbilical cord?" In general, the length of the umbilical cord, the impact of the thickness of the umbilical cord may cause abnormal umbilical cord around the neck, umbilical cord knot, umbilical prolapse phenomenon. Look at it together "and" the birth of the baby in the belly of pregnant mother began studying martial arts. They work hard every day, enlightenment, often take the umbilical bring demonstration actions sometimes, rolling in the pregnant mother belly up, or kick your arm." "In the course of these movements, due to the disorder of fetal movement, there may be an umbilical cord wrapped around accidentally. If the neck is caught, the umbilical cord around the neck." "When the umbilical cord is tight, your baby feel uncomfortable, will move to a comfortable position, and turn around, when your baby turn back when the winding cord is solved, your baby will be able to comfortably rest. However, if the number of fetal umbilical cord around the neck, the baby moving out of the opportunity will be less." Off the October bacteria: "forehead, fetal baby really naughty, but! If the wound around the neck, the fetus can not come out of their own, will affect the metabolism of oxygen and carbon dioxide, umbilical cord blood flow is affected, fetal baby will appear fetal heart slow down or even death. When the pregnant mother must pay special attention to, if there is abnormal fetal movement, recommended immediate medical attention." "Mid pregnancy after the birth of the baby, the number of activities gradually increased, if the baby umbilical cord is longer in the uterine cavity formed a ring, then the birth of the baby in the belly of pregnant mother won’t play the umbilical cord, accidentally let the knot of umbilical cord." "If the twins are pregnant, it is more likely to occur with each other."!相关的主题文章: