Are Americans Enamored With Expensive Exercise Equipment-darren hayes

Health Do Americans spend too much for exercise equipment or for that matter do we spend too much period? For years now we have been told that we deserve it, if it trips your trigger do it and other such self satisfying terms. Not to mention, if it feels right, it must be right. The financial .munities have done a great job of telling us to put it on the "card". Every day I usually receive an offer from a credit card .pany telling me that I deserve to get it now. What you need now usually is the best, top of the line and only because you "deserve it". Top of the line in terms of exercise equipment usually is a one trick pony that sells for thousands of dollars and of course guarantees that you will feel your best and start attracting the opposite sex the moment you start to use the equipment. There is no such thing as one machine or piece of exercise equipment that does it all but, there are numerous pieces of low cost user friendly exercise equipment that will get your body toned and let you keep most of your money in your pocket. Of course you have to use the equipment to get the desired results. admiring the sleek shinny equipment will not tone your body. You have to use the equipment. For the arms and the upper body nothing beats the spin gym for toning the arms. It’s nothing more than a take off of the old button and string that we played with as kids but it does a great job of toning the arms. When it .es to core training or core exercises a medicine ball does wonders, but if you want to double the exercises and mobility including your range of motion the Bender Ball takes those exercises to a new level for the cost of a dinner out. Saving all that money by not buying that expensive piece of equipment will give you money to spend on the new wardrobe you’ll need after losing the pounds. You’ll need it to showcase your new toned self. Are you looking to perk up that sagging butt, there are gym’s full of expensive machines that will have you sweating and slaving over them in a heart beat. Or you could use the Flex Mini Skirt that lets you go about your normal business while it tweaks and firms your butt. No one will ever know you’re exercising except your body, especially your butt. The point I’m trying to make is that you don’t need to break the bank to exercise, you just need to use .mon sense when purchasing exercise equipment. You have your choice, you can spend thousands or $29.95 for a piece of equipment that will give you the same results. First you need to determine exactly what you want to ac.plish with your exercise plan, then check around for equipment that will help you ac.plish that goal not neglecting to look at the smaller pieces of exercise equipment. Many times your goals will be satisfied faster and greater besides saving all that money you can use to purchase that must needed new wardrobe. Hopefully I have given you food for thought. Maybe I got you thinking that the most expensive isn’t necessarily the best and that answering the question Do Americans spend to much for exercise equipment? It is up to you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: