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Business Electric Bikes!! While buying an electric bike, we can choose any of the vendors from the list of numerous online vendors, then why to go for Aseako bikes only? Before buying any product, one needs to be sure about it. And, when it comes to buying an electronic product, we need to be double sure about it. Many of electronic products dont come with a warranty and electric bikes are one of them. But you don’t need to worry as the Aseako Group provides you one year manufacturing warranty on bikes frame, electric motor, battery, electronic controller and every part of Aseako Electric Bikes excluding the additional wearing parts. Aseako knows that for every customer, after-sale services are very important, and hence they let the customers relax by assuring them that their Aseako Electric Bikes not require any extra servicing. Unlike motor vehicles or cars you do not need to take much care of your Aseako Bikes. These Bikes have won the heart of many people around Australia with their affordable prices and their passion of meeting customer satisfaction. No age can restrict you from riding these Aseako Electric Bikes because they are designed considering the fun for youngsters and convenient for elders. The frame of Aseako Bikes is made up from aluminum alloy. These bikes are light in weight, ranging from 24 kg to 27.5 kg and can carry the load up to 125 kg. The rider can ride these bikes at a comfortable speed of 32 km/h with a small assistance of motor fitted on the electric bike. Aseako bikes come in three models including sport, motor and alto bikes, and there is something for every age group. The battery of Aseako Electric Bikes has about 36 volts advanced lithium polymer technology. One needs to charge the battery for 4 to 6 hours at any power outlet and the bike will be ready to ride. These Aseako Electric Bikes are featured with front and rear LED’s, which help the rider to ride bike in night vision. Another major reason for using Aseako Electric Bikes is pollution. Since we all know that the motor engines, which are used in motorcycle and cars emit several gasses and particles that are harmful to our beautiful nature, and also for human health. Go for Aseako Electric Bikes and take a major step towards healthier you and pollution free environment. About the Author: Aseako Groups proud to offer the best Aseako Electric Bikes in Australia at the cheapest rates for the first time. Browse and go through the massive collection of Aseako Bikes. Article Published On: – Business 相关的主题文章: