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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Possessing a ATV, also called a quad, is definitely a lot of fun All the outdoor enjoyment you and your adventurous family will surely have driving around on your ATV, whether it is for the speed or simply to go sightseeing. But, just like anything in life, you will encounter a certain amount of maintenance on your ATV. At some stage something will have to be repaired. Maintenance is really an essential part of owning an ATV, considering that it could make the difference between safe riding and landing up in a unsafe situation or accident. It is essential to check the parts of your ATV on a regular basis. Here follows some examples of the most important ATV parts that you need to check: Tires: It is vital to check your tires regularly. Ensure it is correctly inflated. It is very dangerous for the tires to be over-inflated or under-inflated regarded as it might result in a blow out. You can probably check the tires each time you fill up the gas, as it only takes a few minutes. Also, ensure that you replace the tires should they be worn or cracked. Worn or cracked tires may lead to a flat at the time you least anticipate it. Cracking may happen from ordinary usage over years or from very long periods of storage. A clear sign for you to replace the tires of the ATV can be when the wearing begins to show on the sides of the tires. Brakes: Generally any ATV has 2 brake fluid tanks, one in front and another at the back. Ensure that you check both regularly and fill them up as necessary. Always fill up by using a closed bottle, seen as brake fluid will probably absorb moisture and be less effective. Also be sure you check the thickness of the brake pads and replace them when required. If you do not and the pads go right down to the metal, you will risk damaging your brake disc. Brake discs are quite an expensive part of an ATV. Fuel: It is .mon sense to regularly check the fuel, however the fuel filter and fuel lines are often forgotten. These may be important parts of the ATV and requires regular maintenance. The fuel filter must not be clogged and always look clean, and should get replaced every two years. Fuel lines may get weather damage, and must be checked for cracks and replaced as needed. If you know that the ATV will be in storage for some time you should remember to turn off the fuel tap, since this will prevent fuel from potentially leaking out and flooding the engine. These are only a few, but very .monly over-looked parts of an ATV that should regularly be checked. By maintaining your ATV you could save yourself a lot of money on avoidable repairs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: