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Why You Should Add Music To Your Website Audio Buttons By: David Gale | Jan 4th 2007 – Gives 3 secret ways of using background music tracks in website audio button messages. Also gives details of the nature of and how to get these music tracks. And the mechanics of how to use them as flash audio buttons. Tags: Do You Know About Downloadable Audio Books? By: Bill Urell | Jan 4th 2007 – The Internet revolution has added something new to audio books. Instead of buying it at the store, this can now be downloaded in the .puter. Tags: Top 7 Tips To Profiting With Website Audio By: David Gale | Jan 2nd 2007 – Top web audio button tips. Tags: Find Your Favorite Downloadable Audio Books By: J. Brian Keith | Dec 29th 2006 – Online bookstores have special search features on their sites which you can use to find the particular downloadable audio book titles you are searching for. Tags: Audio Books: A New Way To Look At Reading By: Bill Urell | Dec 24th 2006 – An audio book is an alternative form of books. Audio books are actually books that are read aloud and recorded, by professional narrators. Tags: Burning A Downloadable Audio Book To Cd By: Jeff Clare | Dec 21st 2006 – Any audio book purchased for your own entertainment or enjoyment is normally subject to copyright and cannot be copied other than for your own use. Violating this law can get you into serious copyright infringement problems and potentially subject to very substantial fines or even imprisonment. Tags: Buying Childrens Audio Books By: Bill Urell | Dec 20th 2006 – If you think childrens audio books are just the good old stuff of nursery rhymes, fairy tales and a little music, then you’ve missed out lately. Most of todays audiobooks feature narrations by professional voice talents and actors other than the author. Tags: Using Audio Books In The Classroom By: Kelvin Ho | Dec 20th 2006 – Although originally designed for entertainment or motivational purposes, audio books are now used by many educators who have discovered the advantages of providing audio content to students who struggle with learning for various reasons. Tags: How To Download Your Audio Book Onto An Ipod By: Kelvin Ho | Dec 20th 2006 – This article will address the procedure for downloading an audio CD to an iPod, so audio book files can be played there. Tags: Buying A Listening Device For Your Audio Book By: Kelvin Ho | Dec 18th 2006 – When you are introduced to audio books, you will want to have the perfect listening device to go with it. Learn what are some main considerations when choosing such listening devices. Tags: Using Audio Books As A Learning Tool By: Kelvin Ho | Dec 18th 2006 – Audio books are joining mainstream curricular modules because of their ability to shorten the learning gap for students who have traditionally had trouble with interpreting the written word. Tags: The Growing Importance Of Audio Books By: Kelvin Ho | Dec 18th 2006 – In today fast-paced, multi-tasking environment most people can ill afford the luxury of spending hours relaxing beside an open fire with a good book. For this reason, audio books have taken the marketplace by storm. Tags: The Right Car Audio System For You By: Yvonne Volante | Dec 15th 2006 – Regardless of your car audio listening habits: broadcast radio, satellite radio, or CDs, finding the desirable speaker .bination for your automobile will make your audio experience a positive one. Finding the right system may take some effort and research, but it will be worth it. Improved .ponents which add greater fun … Tags: The Joys Of Audio Books By: Jay Kranz | Dec 11th 2006 – If you are a person who like a good yarn, who appreciates a good story, you may be disappointed in the fact that you simply do not have enough time to read. However, the reality is that with audio books you can have all of the pleasure of reading within the confines of your full and busy daily schedule. Tags: The Revival Of The Audio Book. By: Harry Rackers | Nov 15th 2006 – After 70 years audio books are still going strong. Nowadays it is very easy to download audio books from the Internet, which makes them more popular then ever before. Tags: Sylvia Browne: Short Bio And Audio Books By: David Rehem | Nov 3rd 2006 – Sylvian Browne’s Bio Sylvia Browne is a self-proclaimed medium and psychic from Kansas City, Missouri. She was born in 1936, started her career as a psychic in 1973, and founded the Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research. Browne has now authored several books on spirituality (published in paperback and audio … Tags: Create Drama By Adding Audio To Your Website In 60 Seconds By: Hamant Keval | Nov 2nd 2006 – Streaming Audio for the web is allowing online marketers the freedom to choose what their potential customers are reading on their websites. Quick Web Audio, an easy to use program does all of the difficult tasks involved in the Audio process, without the need to know HTML or coding of any kind. Tags: Audio Cables By: Hyun Kim | Oct 21st 2006 – Here are types of audio cables for your home theater system. And .ments about the pros and cons of each are discusses for our review. Coax Digital Audio (S/PDIF) This offers digital connection with copper cables, most generally Coax. Cables are long. And Dolby Digital 5.1, 7.1, DTS etc. is supported. Howev … Tags: Online Audio Book Rental Reviews By: David Rehem | Oct 16th 2006 – Audiotogo.. Created in 2003, audiotoGo is based in Lake Barrington, Illinois, and is a part of the audio book rental concept initiated by Talking Book World. AudiotoGo now houses over 23,000 individual abridged and unabridged titles, offering audio book rentals to customers throughout the United States. Tags: audio, books, free, download, streaming, childrens, online Audio Books: Are They Only For The Visually Impaired? By: James Dyson | Sep 22nd 2006 – Should we be listening to books more than reading them? There is widespread opinion that the habit of reading books is slowly declining with the spread of internet and other technologies. Can audio books help slow this down? The shift from Printed books to audio books has made reading, listening and derived a … Tags: High-end Audio Dealers By: Hyun Kim | Sep 18th 2006 – In today’s world spending money on high end devices is the most passionately enjoyable and the high end audio devices are the most passionate thing to shop for tech freak individuals. Generally there are two types of high end audio devices seekers one is those who seeks these device for the first time and other are experien … Tags: Improve Your .puter Performance For Audio Recording By: Douglas Taylor | Sep 1st 2006 – Audio is hard on your .puter taxing its resources. Although this is not as big a problem as it was when we were recording on a Pentium 400 it still makes sense to practice good habits when it .es to your .puter hard drive. Here are some tips to speed your audio up. Tags: Must Have Low Cost Streaming Audio Resources By: Douglas Taylor | Aug 28th 2006 – In order to be successful in putting streaming audio on your website you will need information. In this day and age there is more information available than ever before. Spending time surfing the Internet for audio and recording resources is time very wisely spent. Tags: Creative Uses For Streaming Audio On Your Website By: Douglas Taylor | Aug 27th 2006 – Each person will have their own reasons for wanting a website that talks or sings. Use your imagination and you will find many uses for streaming audio. There has never been a better time to get started adding streaming audio to your web site, audio can take your website to new heights. Tags: Audio Books Learning Tool Or Entertainment? By: Kwan H Lo | Aug 17th 2006 – An audio book is a recording of the contents of a book read aloud. In the old times, audio books were usually recorded on tape and were only available in public libraries and bookstores. They were expensive and many popular books simply did not have audio recording. Audio books have traditionally been used as an educational … Tags: The 5 Minute Guide To Mastering Your Audio Recording By: Douglas Taylor | Aug 6th 2006 – Mastering your recording is one of the most misunderstood things in .puter recording. No one seems to really know what mastering is.The steps you take to master your audio are not all that hard, you just need to go slow, use .mon sense and most important of all is to listen to your results. Be careful and take it a step … Tags: Why Add Streaming Audio To Your Website By: Douglas Taylor | Jul 31st 2006 – If you have a message you need to get across streaming audio may be just what the doctor ordered. Your website will almost always convert better with audio buttons. Tags: What Makes A Good Audio Conference Call? By: Trevor Mulholland | Jul 26th 2006 – When making conference calls, it’s important to make sure first of all that everyone is seeing eye to eye on the technology that’s going to be used. Sometimes, more traditional investors and older corporate managers may have a problem with appreciating new technology, so when using high-tech conferencing software, you may f … Tags: Simple Steps To Follow Before You Buy Your Home Theater Audio System By: Robert Michael | Jul 23rd 2006 – If you’re ready to buy a home theater audio system here are some tips to help you find the right system for you. Spend a little time in the room where you are planning to put your new audio system. Whether you know it or not the room is a large .ponent in your home theater system. Consider whether or not th … Tags: How Is The Audio Craze Sounding? By: Yvonne Volante | Jul 21st 2006 – Sound effects sell. It’s just one type of audio that has joined the race on the information superhighway to fulfill its promise, which some of us have been asking for and using for well over a decade now: The ability to send sound effects from a web site to a client at a moment’s notice. Knowing that kind of … Tags: Car Audio Systems "�" A Brief Overview By: Ken Wilson | Jul 9th 2006 – When we hear the phrase car audio, we automatically assume that a person is taking about the sound system in their car or vehicle. The most .mon piece of audio equipment used in cars in the radio/CD player which in generic terms is known as the head unit. This is the item that is most .monly upgraded and as technology c … Tags: Are You Ready To Buy A Home Theater Audio System? By: Robert Michael | Jun 18th 2006 – Are you ready to buy a home theater audio system? Here are several tips to help you find the right audio system for you. 1. Spend some quality time with the room you are going to put your new home theater audio system. Believe it or not but the room is as much a .ponent in your home theater system as any of … Tags: Advantages Of Learning Through Audio Books By: Andrew Corner | Jun 3rd 2006 – Books on tapes, audio books, and other audio learning devices are fast gaining popularity in the education field. In using audio book learning systems for the purpose of education, parents, teachers, and educators are relieved that its benefits are numerous. The increasing success of starting and struggling readers is often … Tags: Car Audio – What To Know Before You Buy Used Car Audio Systems By: John Francis | May 13th 2006 – If you are looking for a car audio system and would love to save a little money when purchasing, you should consider buying a used system. Many people think you can only get quality sound from new equipment, but that is not true. You can find great packages that are sold directly from another consumer if you know what you a … Tags: Easy Audio And Video Conferencing Solutions By: Conference Webs | Mar 30th 2006 – Businesses and individuals that find themselves operating on ever-enlarging circles of influence can now cut costs and hassle by incorporating the use of conferencing solutions. Conferencing software has developed in response to the widening global economy, wherein businesses and other types of international … Tags: Marketing With Audio. Be More Successful Online By: The Rich Dude | Feb 9th 2006 – Most visitors to your website are using .puters with audio capabilities. Recently introduced techniques make it easy to take advantage of this capability. In the past, web audio was primarily decorative, consisting of musical fanfares or other clichéd sound effects. Now, you can use audio to multiply the i … Tags: Audio Books "�" 10 Frequently Asked Questions "�" Part 1 By: Paton Jackson | Jan 3rd 2006 – My friends and colleagues consider me as the audio books expert. They tell their friends that they know an audio books expert and the out.e is that I keep getting dozens of audio books questions and inquiries each day. I have decided to gather the most frequently asked questions for everyone"��s benefit. He … Tags: Audio Books "�" 10 Frequently Asked Questions "�" Part 2 By: Paton Jackson | Jan 3rd 2006 – The audio books era is already here. I keep hearing phrases like: Audio book rental, free audio books, audio book club, audio books on CD, online audio book rental services etc. Here are the next five frequently asked questions about audio books (and the answers of course): 6. What kinds of aud … Tags: Audio Books "�" What"��s Hot For 2006? By: Paton Jackson | Jan 1st 2006 – 2006 is already here and many ask me what we should expect of the emerging interesting market of Audio Books. Audio books have been here for over 20 years and they have be.e so popular in the last couple of years but yet I claim that the audio books revolution has just begun. Find out the hot trends in the audio b … Tags: Free Audio Books "�" All About Low Cost And Free Audio Books By: Paton Jackson | Dec 20th 2005 – This is not another misleading title. Free audio books exist. You could find free downloadable audio books or low cost ones easily. How .e, where and why you should start listening to audio books immediately? Find out the answers in a few minutes. How .e there are free audio books available? Well, … Tags: Audio Books On Cd For First Time Users By: Paton Jackson | Dec 13th 2005 – Audio books on CD are the ultimate modern gift for you, for your friends or family members. Audio books on CD have many benefits from optimizing your time management by listening to audio books while driving or exercising to using them as an effective method of education for children or learning languages. B … Tags: How Do Jay Abraham’s Fundamental Truths For Increasing Your Profits And Audio Tie Together? "�" Part By: L A Parmley | Dec 9th 2005 – Let"��s recap. In part 1 of this article, we touched on the three ways to increase your profits; your marketing, your products and your back-end. We also explained how audio could be used effectively to increase all of them. Tags: 相关的主题文章: