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Autumn, a pot of nourishing beef Hot pot warm up – Sohu and a wake up out of the window. The wind is like a mill that autumn is coming, overnight plunged 6 degrees seems to be some to let all people be caught off guard. Autumn, about 35 friends to warm up a pot of beef Hot pot is probably, the highest respect for autumn. Tried a lot of beef hot pot restaurants in Xiamen, and the friends of the cattle block is located in the vicinity of Chinese medicine hospitals, shops along the street, so it is difficult to drive through the missed. Different from the general store store log Hot pot of beef, elegant decoration to Jane wind, the shop is divided into two layers, ranging from 4 to 10 people in the table table, and even set up a box, the environment is quite good. The choice of sauce with beef Hot pot shop is common, sesame, peanut butter and everything. First pot of beef soup, beef is Chaozhou fresh, simple as beef pot, add beef pie, corn, radish and other accessories, soup color is clear at this time, all kinds of meat to debut, only a rinse rinse. Chaoshan beef a heavy food, double knife. If the purchase of beef are not attractive Chaoshan words, different from the market purchase time, every morning is to kill the beef into the shop in the square, killing distance pot time but just a few hours. This is the secret of the bulk of cattle home, so even if there are some categories can not be served at noon, but also insist on the beginning of the sale in the evening, to ensure freshness, which is the operator’s insistence. Beef meat in different parts of the body are different, the doorway is quite deep, as the study diners can read without thorough understanding not so much, but only that is what kind of love, the chest? White body, cast into the pot and cook more and eat very fragrant and crisp, fresh beef; in the morning for slaughter beef, bright red color, thick taste tender; beef tongue, beef tongue veins clear is the best way to test the chef knife, slice to thin beef tongue color red, juicy elastic teeth. In addition, large cattle home hot meat is quite important, but the first fishing 2 seconds, as is the release of blood, to ensure no beef flavor, two boiled beef contraction, a cooling after three washing, fishing. The whole process lasted actually less than 10 seconds, only the three three fall, can eat beef the best taste. In addition to Chaoshan beef, while operating nourishing Quanzhou beef is different than the Hot pot, Chaozhou is brewed by traditional Chinese medicine Hot pot, the soup is more nutritious, but also more suitable for autumn tonic. Many parts of the existing beef pot, drink a bowl of beef broth, eat a few pieces of meat, the body immediately warm up. In addition, several dishes try, love is a Sibao assorted cold dishes, beef related dishes, meat is not obscure, moderate acidity, collocation cucumber greasy, crispy appetizers, is very good. The surprise is that the dinner, a look at the menu, to 100 per capita did not meet. TIPS: Name: big beef cattle Hot pot address: Xiamen City Xianyue Road No. 1961, a row of food stalls next to KFC hospital near the residential area of the per capita 70+相关的主题文章: