Autumn wedding ceremony with small wedding tips-ddrtys

Small autumn autumn wedding wedding wedding small key collocation skill needs to pay attention, if you choose is a piece of outdoor green space, the best site is relatively complete, a small wedding banquet in the active region is relatively open, in order to facilitate the activities of the guests. Let’s take a look at what is the focus of a small wedding. Choose memorable wedding venues with respect to large wedding, the focus of small-scale wedding layout is to reflect the fine, fine, so the site is the best selection of more details. Small garden, courtyard, villas, meals, yachts and so on are very good choice, do not worry, whether indoor or outdoor as long as the layout properly, can be used as a venue for small wedding. It should be noted that, if you choose a piece of outdoor green space, this site is relatively complete, in the banquet area is relatively empty, so as to facilitate the activities of guests. Simply put, there are not too many trees on the site, which will hinder the sight of the guests, the photos will not be good enough to see. Similarly, if it is held indoors, it is necessary to avoid excessive pillars and tortuous corridors. Need to hire a wedding company? In order to make this important day more orderly, or should be invited to assist the wedding company. If you want to decorate more creative, of course, you can do it yourself, but if you want to pay attention to the wedding ceremony, it is necessary to invite an experienced wedding supervisor and moderator. The former can help you to guide the guests to sit, so that the atmosphere of the venue lively and orderly; the latter will use humorous words and coordination ability to fully mobilize each person’s emotions. Also please wedding company help: invite a band, rent wedding company leads and flower door, asking them to help find experienced photographer, cameraman and sound engineers. Use color because of the limits of the scale, the more important is the choice of color collocation and small wedding. Indeed, in general, the warm color will make the space seem smaller, but the choice of color or to the site conditions and the number of guests to determine the premise. 1, if you are the party in the room, because the area and high Restaurant Limited, the use of strong colors will cause certain visual pressure, the best and the planner to discuss the use of large, light color, table flowers, ornaments and accessories used bright colors. 2, if the party is in an open outdoor space, limit is not so much, sometimes with bright colors but can bring vitality and tension, make dinner. Because the site is relatively small, you and the guests are close contact, so the audience interactive program will be able to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of everyone. Make a toast to leave a photo, all repeat your wedding vows, rhythmic applause, even the chorus, is not too much space and can mobilize the enthusiasm of the good game.相关的主题文章: