Bao Bao Bank the market for the Fed showed the spirit of fearless verbal jint

Bao Bao Bank: the market for the fed to show the spirit of fearless Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Key points: the Reserve Bank of Australia expressed "wait and see" position; Australian trading prospects may be closely associated with the risk preference; the Australian economy may face a serious oversupply of goods "; the Bank of Japan meeting and FOMC meeting will bring the risk of a" double doom "Asian city in early trading, the RBA meeting minutes released by attention, because the new president Philip this week in the four Committee for testimony, the focus of the market has been transferred to him, to him if there would be any position with different position. The minutes of the meeting said that "Australia sustained economic growth and with the passage of time will gradually achieve the inflation target, the central bank is clearly chose to" wait and see "position, and the minutes of the meeting also mentioned the strong exchange rate may bring challenges, although the wording is not particularly harsh, but also pointed out that" the exchange rate appreciation may lead to economic necessity the adjustment is complicated". Australian dollar response to the minutes of the meeting, in the next two days after the two day of the meeting (the central bank meeting and FOMC meeting) before the Australian dollar’s fate may be closely related to risk appetite. Our basic expectations is if the current credit fuelled economic growth started to appear if the Australian economy may face a serious oversupply of goods ", the first signal is slow wage growth, as of 2013 the Australian real estate appreciation slowed after the case. At the same time, the central bank’s target range below 2-3% Australia CPI core has been the two consecutive quarter, relative to the second quarter, the Australian dollar weighted index rose in the third quarter a few percentage points of asset market inevitably the next two big meeting reacted strongly, and key risk events eventually faced and US presidential election and referendum held in Italy (may not set date) currently the cause of double the risk of volatility is soaring and the Fed rate hike on the central bank to further expand the size of the debt purchase. If the central bank acknowledged the effects of quantitative easing is not satisfactory, because of fiscal expansion, the central bank must compensate for the loss of focus to the government’s fiscal stimulus. Chart: aud NZD in addition to the dollar and the yen, recently let the dealer is slightly distracted aud NZD, the next two results of the meeting might seriously affect the currency, but after the Fed meeting and the rbnz statement released the latest. Since the beginning of the chase high-yield theme has been pushed happy New Zealand yuan, while the maximum share of exports of dairy products, the recent strong rebound in prices also boost the nzd. Even if there is no intention to cut interest rates, but the RBNZ is bound to the NZD strength on tenterhooks. After the New York Stock Conference held to determine the bullish momentum. If the central bank issued the Fed communication signal, renewed market chase high-yield theme, may return to the April 2014 level of exchange rate parity. G10 major currencies: $- although the dollar against major European currencies to stabilize, but against the high risk currencies and emerging market currencies, the相关的主题文章: