Basaqi said Messi missed non lost 0 ball attack thousand excuses

Basaqi said Messi missed non lost 0 ball attack thousand excuses with Enrique Messi said the situation is not serious, pointed out that Messi missed not Barcelona (website data) lost an excuse for sports news November 20th Barcelona the Tencent 28 shot did not break, home court denied by Malaga, Enrique stressed that after the game, game and lost to Alves battle, Barcelona well, just missing the goal. For Messi Suarez’s absence, Barcelona generals have stressed that this should not be an excuse to lose points. This season Barcelona League home court has 3 lost points, negative promoted ala Weiss, flat horse race in Malaga, but Enrique believes that the campaign with negative 1-2 Alves battle: "these two different is not the same, we played better today, deserved to win, just missing the goal. I’m going to praise my team, my players and the fans. It’s not fair. They deserve to win. Of course, most of our games are against the opponent’s defense, not every time goals." Paco – Al Cassell replace the suspended Suarez as the main center, has not scored Barcelona career goal, Enrique maintained his disciples: "I think everyone is good, including Paco, he and the team showed a consistent level, 10 points can hit 8 minutes, I’m glad the team can play this game, we only the lack of goals. The team have struggled, and if I can prick bones to criticize the link, is also the last shot can be more accurate." The attack Barcelona career 400 war milepost Busquets, said: "we want to exaggerate and get 3 points to attack from the opening, the opponent is holding back, so it’s difficult to beat them. We lack of luck, hit the post, the goal was offside. We tried to attack 1001 times, but failed to break. They are two rows of 10 players to defend, always behind the attack, we also disadvantages of inspiration, but this is football." Peake regrets: "we lost too many home court, must be correct, the Royal Society must perform better against. We started to keep working until the last moment, the result is not what we want, but the team will continue to move forward." Messi because of physical discomfort in the absence of Fagafaga Suarez suspended, Barcelona MSN only one Neymar. But Enrique does not think it is the decisive factor: "Messi did not? We lost him when he came out, and so did Suarez, who had to rely on the strength of the team to win the championship. If Messi doesn’t play a game, it means he doesn’t feel well. It’s that simple." Busquets agrees: "Messi and Suarez are the best players in the world, they can change the game at any time, you will miss them, but this is not an excuse to lose points." Peake chimed in, "we are Barcelona, not because some players on the home court lost points, this should not become an excuse for barcelona." (Cuchu)相关的主题文章: