Base rent chaos 120 square meters of 1 Suites for more than and 40 people (Figure) – Beijing aspack

Base rent chaos: 120 square meters of 1 Suites for more than and 40 people (Figure) – Beijing School Committee members on-site inspection. The Second Affiliated Hospital of Huaxi, many labeled "accommodation" sign was held to attract the attention of the crowd. A few hundred dollars a month rental group, it seems that the field of medical treatment, there is a home can be returned, but the resulting regional staff living complex, security risks and other issues, to the community and the courtyard management challenges. In the face of the group renting phenomenon of the high heat, and hospital distance only a few hundred meters South Rainbow Boulevard Village Community Park District set up courtyard Committee, regulate remediation of the area, and has made a breakthrough. Rent open hotel 120? Was divided into 6 rooms as close to the hospitals in the street and the road intersection lined Park District, is based on many rent tenants, dirty, crowded, poor security environment. 2014 onwards, the group rented a strong entry, so that residents were unprepared. Previously there are only a few small hotels, from the beginning of the year began to appear in large quantities, their business is good, the guard did not sleep at night, have to get up and open the door." Qin Wu, head of the hospital authority, said. The problem of rent one after another, to this problem, rent control group in April 2015, the park courtyard autonomous Committee was set up in the South Street community with the help of the rainbow. Courtyard Committee was established shortly after receiving the owners reflect, 2 unit 14 was a couple surnamed Liu rented a small hotel. Qin Wu then led the team members, such as Zhou Miquan, found 2 units, No. 14, no.. "120? House is divided into 6 rooms, the room is on the bunk bed, for more than and 40 people." Zhou Miquan recalls. Exposure of the small hotel, but has been unable to wait for the boss, the staff of the community Feng Li and the hospital committee members to find a group of rental housing owners, the other said the house is not their own lives, but to relatives live. After the door to communicate without fruit, the hospital committee had to call the police. Police station coordination, Liu couple agreed to close the group renting. But a few weeks later, the group is still booming rental business. Owners held a meeting to launch the owners of self governance several times the home communication failure, so that the members of the Committee aware of the existing problems. We just played a role in the door, to boycott the group had to work together to rent a small house owners." Qin Wu said. Hospital authority immediately notify the residents of the District, held a general meeting of owners. At the meeting, from the group renting personnel from complex and serious security risks, to cause health hazard to residents into the area, school committee members to the group renting stalls abuse broke Ming told everyone to listen to, at the same time to report to South Rainbow Village community. So, to carry out the comprehensive management coordination office of the police station, hospital authority will also start to put pressure on the familiar neighbourhood landlord, to recover the rent housing, the small hotel "no home". Rent standard rent "is not allowed into the hospital near the low rent housing, is to meet the needs of the market, hospital authority is aware of this," do not let rent, but there must be a limit. In order to ensure the safety of residents, 1 units, 3 units,)相关的主题文章: