Bazhong, a gas station gasoline caused by water cut off 30 cars (Figure) (video)

Bazhong gas station gasoline water caused 30 car flameout (Figure) the morning of October 19th, a number of car drivers, report of Bazhong (micro-blog) CETZ Tivoli gas station No. 93 gasoline quality problems. Public security bureau area Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Quality Supervision Bureau, the rapid joint law enforcement, after investigation, in the afternoon, all the 93 gasoline tanker was Industrial and Commercial Bureau seals. It is understood that within the jurisdiction of a business person in charge: there are many cars in the morning at Tivoli gas station after adding oil, not far off automatically, and can’t get it started again. The garage staff detected the car stalled because new gasoline has been watered down. Huaxi City Reader reporter visited the survey. Gas station owners after the vehicle stalled on the morning of 19 at about 12, the owner Mr. Jiang said, in the Tivoli gas station plus 200 yuan 93 gasoline after the vehicle out of the gas station 700 meters, the car can not give oil, that is not stall. "I immediately reduce the file, I did not expect the final car flameout, back to the gas station and found a lot of people like me. My car is not out of the gas station on the flameout, there is a car behind the end of the oil, together with the steps of the flameout." Also in the gas station refueling Ms. Wang said. According to introduction: in the morning Mr. girder Tivoli gas station oil, about 100 meters out automatically flameout, after flameout regardless of how are not fire, can not afford to launch. Wood Wu police station yesterday, about more than and 30 cars in the gas station after the extinction phenomenon. Check the gasoline was added to the water finally, Mr. Jiang called 4S shop repair personnel to check, through the inspection found that Mr. Jiang’s car fuel tank doped with a lot of water. Just at the gas station to add oil how mailbox will have water? Only to realize that gasoline is not up to standard." Mr. Jiang both doubts and worry, just bought a new car soon encountered such a thing, will not affect the engine?" According to the introduction of Mr. girder, see Industrial and Commercial Bureau extracted samples, the naked eye can see the oil impurities, impurity and water too much inside. There is a car owner Mr. Du simply with the experiment, the gas station in Calais and then pour the oil shake Tivoli, mineral water bottles, 10 seconds later, poured gasoline into the bottle was two, above a layer of pale yellow, the following is a layer of pale pink. "Floating above the oil, here is water, because oil and water are incompatible." A person who claimed to be the Tivoli oil company staff said, the owners and the oil is from the field to pull, "today when unloading workers do not see direct discharge into, did not see there is oil or water, so the company should be held accountable, we will give you an explanation." Processing business and other departments involved in the investigation of gas station owners to assume the maintenance fees reflect the situation, a staff member of the gas station said that she was working here, the specific situation and knowledge, then, the owner called the police. The Public Security Bureau of Bazhong City Economic Development Zone Branch wood Wu police station rushed to the scene, "the preliminary understanding that, in the morning there are about 30 cars on the road out of the fire." Police, because the gas station is a special occasion, there are security risks, while in order to avoid traffic congestion, refueling相关的主题文章: