Be Found Marketing Releases Study Of Limousine

SEO Be Found Marketing, a Google Local SEO company, recently did an analysis of metrics for limo web sites ranking high on Google. Based on these findings, performance extrapolations can now be made about the effects of higher Google positions for limo service companies. Be Found Marketing manages the creation and optimization of over 120limousinewebsitecampaigns in the United States. Limocompanieswhose web sites have reachedGoogles first page of results for the most valued keywords have frequentlydoubled or tripled their business volume as a direct result of their high rankings on Google. In order to track the results of these campaigns, incoming customer calls from the web sites were trackedon each web site. Because the sampling of the calls was sohigh, Be Found Marketing began comparing the number of calls to city populations in which a limo serviceweb site was ranking in Googles top 3 results for the major search terms. The preliminary results have yielded an average ratio of close to 3500 to 1, meaning that out of every 3500 people in a metropolitan area, 1 person will call a limousine service companies in the top 3 results of Google every month. Of course, more factors such as variabledesigns to enhance call and online booking conversion are also being measured in an ongoing study of transportationweb marketing .We know that we need to measure more factors and larger data sets, but we are beginning to be able to predict, with some accuracy, the number of calls that a top Google listing can generate for a limo company said Be Found Marketings spokesman and Director of Local SEO, Scott Welkinson. When discussing the industry as a whole he stated, limo operators need a Google strategy more than most businesses because Google represents the lions share of their potential market. Limousine service companies are different from most companies in that their dependence on directory forms of advertising is higher than other types of companies. For example, no one goes window shopping for a limo. Business is almost always conducted over the phone where all arrangements are made and limousinedescriptions provided. In this way, limousines, their physical, and companies are not visible to the public. Compounding the problem, limo service companies typically dont have the visual benefit of having a highly visible brick and mortar location. Most limousinebusinessesare located in industrial lots that offer affordable parking and storage facilities. Few, if any of these buildings, offermuchstreet traffic visibility, nor are high visibility locations sought after by limo companies. A large portion of bookings is generated by travelers in need of transportation, and local customers more often than notfind limousine web sites that offer detailed photos as well as inventory, instant reservationchoices, and instant phone connection usinesmart phones. Formayyears, the yellow pages provided the mainconnection to the public for the limousine industry; however, the dominant medium has changedover the past 4 years to Google online search. Online searchin today’s market represents the most popularway that people use to search for a limo service. With more than 50% of all internet connections now being represented by smart phonecustomers, Google is accessableeverywhere, instantly. Currently, Be Found Marketing recordsover2000callsevery month made to transportationbusinesses from web sites ranked in Googles top 3 Places positions. From these reservation calls, every element of the inquiry was tracked including each caller ID, the length of the call, and the exact time the call was received. Additionally, each rank position on Googles first page was recorded to measuredifferences in incoming call counts between the A, B, or C listing. Ultimately, enough cannot be mentioned about trackingwebpage design factors as they relate to conversion. Future cases will focus on site design factors and their effect on conversion so that the clicks to calls ratio will improve with better limo site designs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: