Because of a car accident, the human race is going to evolve into this… adobe gamma

Because of the accident, human beings have to evolve into this… – Sohu car crash in the tiger, people are afraid to be injured in a car accident, or even lose their lives. Netcom agency learned from the U.S. media leftlanenews, Australia’s three experts in the traffic safety knowledge lectures, showing a person who can survive in a car accident, and named Graham". That is to say, if human beings grow up like this, there is no need to be afraid of a car accident. "Graham" is by the Australian Transport Commission (TAC), the Monash University accident investigation expert David Logan, Christian Kenfield and trauma surgeon artist Patricia Piccinini designed out, his size and reality, the three experts will take him to the traffic safety aspects of the global tour. Graham does not have a nose or neck, because the nose is easily broken in a car crash, and the neck in a car accident is likely to cause spinal injury. He has several pairs of nipples and connected to the respiratory sac, in the course of the crash, the sac will secrete liquid, play a role in reducing the impact. Graham is as smart as a normal human being, so in order to protect his brain, he has a thicker skull and a larger brain cavity, which, like wearing a helmet, protects the brain from being squeezed. Leg structure and Graham rabbit leg, when he was walking, if a vehicle gallop, you can quickly jump like a rabbit, but not hit. But then again, grow up like that, would you?相关的主题文章: