Beijing Audit Bureau of 1 billion 400 million rail lines in the Department of relocation pork face

The audit bureau of Beijing Rail Transit Line 1 billion 400 million: demolition Department remained in the original title: large special funds audit results Audit Bureau yesterday for the first time publicly on the 7 and the use of large special funds management of the audit results. 7 large special funds including water pollution prevention special fund, innovation and entrepreneurship support assistance funds, special funds, social construction of rail transit construction funds, the comprehensive improvement of the municipal public hospital financial subsidy funds, special funds, city environmental air pollution prevention and control of special funds. The audit showed that 3 units of false overpayment of air pollution control funds 19 million 630 thousand; 1 billion 426 million rail lines demolition stranded in the department. Currently, the relevant departments are actively rectification. 1 innovative business support funds limited support objects affect the fairness of the audit found that the incentive policy is difficult to implement sophisticated high-end talent innovation center. At the end of March 2016, the city government allocated 12 colleges, 13 high-tech Innovation Center funds balance of 810 million yuan, accounting for 87% of the funds. The main reason is the difficulty of the introduction of high-end talent, incentives related incentives can not be spending. Secondly, by the total amount of wages, each year the center should pay the salaries of scientific research staff is difficult to implement. The administrative committee of Zhongguancun issued the "Zhongguancun national innovation demonstration zone enterprises financing support fund management measures" in 3 to support SME financing fund management approach, the provisions of funds to support the object must be Zhongguancun Enterprise Credit Association member, the influence of fair allocation of funds. Rectification of the problems found in the audit, the organization is actively rectification. Zhongguancun administrative committee is in conjunction with the relevant units to carry out rectification, refine and improve the relevant funds management approach and audit rules, clear audit standards. 2 water pollution control district special funds for the use of sewage charges and low rate of audit found that 3 of sewage and sludge treatment facilities idle, 28 sewage treatment facilities, sewage treatment rate of less than 50%. 9 of the sewage treatment facilities daily sewage treatment rate of less than 25%. In addition, the district sewage charges low utilization rate, larger balances. From 2013 to 2015, Fangshan, Changping, Chaoyang District 3 sewage collection fee totaling 110 million 161 thousand and 900 yuan, but the arrangements for the use of sewage charges is not sufficient, the balance amount is larger, the 3 District sewage charges balance of 102 million 69 thousand yuan, accounting for over 92.65% of the amount. The reasons for the larger sewage charges balance, one is in the annual budgeting process, sewage charges on the annual levy amount forecast; two is arranged in the annual pollution control project funds, no sewage charges for the previous year’s balance arrangement. Rectification of the problems found in the audit, the relevant departments are actively rectification. The 3 municipal public hospital financial subsidies 5 hospital 661 million yuan of idle equipment audit shows, equipment idle funds to purchase financial phenomenon is more prominent. As of the audit date, 5 hospitals due to the progress of the project and other reasons lead to idle equipment reached $661 million, some equipment has been purchased for nearly 3 years is still not put into use. Rectification part 2相关的主题文章: