Beijing on-line real time monitoring system of tobacco control people taking photos at hand to repor

Beijing on-line real time monitoring system of tobacco control "people taking photos at hand to report – Beijing, Beijing in September 19 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yin Li) where there is found illegal smoking, Beijing people only need to take photos and then move a finger to report immediately. In September 19th, the tobacco control real-time monitoring system of the newly developed Association on smoking control in Beijing city. This system called a tobacco control map "around the" Internet plus smoking "ideas, by means of the mobile Internet convenient people and volunteers to participate in tobacco control management, to achieve the tobacco control work of social governance. According to the Beijing Municipal Tobacco Control Association, responsible person, the tobacco control real time supervision system is combined by the association of Han Cheng EACAN (Beijing) Technology Development Co. Ltd. research and development of science and technology project in Beijing, has passed the acceptance of science and Technology Commission Expert group. People can log in "eBeijing", "Beijing city health and Family Planning Commission, Beijing Tobacco Control Association website. Data show that as of September 2016, the new media WeChat entrance real-time supervision system of tobacco control, Beijing Tobacco Control Association has received complaints from the masses, 5147 volunteers patrol 2893 times, 793 times, dealing with complaints from the masses to the public more than 70 times the dimensions of tobacco control statistics. Reporters saw, in this map of the city of Beijing, flashing blue and yellow icon. According to the president of the Beijing Tobacco Control Association Zhang Jianshu introduction, if there are complaints from the public one, the corresponding location immediately show blue lights. The 3 following complaints flash blue lights, 3 to 5 times more than 5 orange lights flashing, flashing red lights, the public can through this map in real time to see which units are to be punished, complaint information. Zhang Jianshu said that the public after the discovery of illegal smoking behavior, the phone can be used to shoot illegal smoking behavior, uploaded to WeChat through smoke-free Beijing". The information processing platform received complaints quickly, in the "eBeijing", "Beijing city health and Family Planning Commission, Beijing Tobacco Control Association" website, "tobacco control map" the corresponding location will display lights. The system provides the convenience for the precise law enforcement of health supervision and reduces the cost. At present, the Beijing municipal health authority has interviewed the person in charge of the 13 complaints were more than 5 units of red light flash. "Smoking a map" has achieved the control information integration, WeChat makes public complaints, 12320 telephone complaints, health supervision and punishment, tobacco smoking cessation clinic service and volunteer service, enterprise credit record information in tobacco control chart "to achieve interoperability. This platform has powerful data processing capability, the related personnel can according to different authorization to see tobacco control information in the electronic map, especially the nearest tobacco control volunteers quickly arrived at the scene to discourage complaints propaganda, supervise the rectification unit, to achieve an efficient social Internet plus smoking treatment. (end)相关的主题文章: