Beijing – VIDEO – Burma border festival celebration gold robes as Shakya Muni Buddha made of gold ro pretty rhythm

Beijing – VIDEO – Burma border festival celebration gold robes as Shakya Muni Buddha made of gold all through the night the Burma border festival celebration gold robes as Shakya Muni Buddha made of gold robes all through the night [comment] late on the night of October 30th, located in the China Burma border of the new chaotic stockade is still brightly lit. From the beginning of 29, from China and Myanmar border because of the same faith gather here to celebrate the Festival Golden robe. After making nearly 13 hours, the border between the two countries catch up before the sun rises, will make the night of the golden cassock dedicated to Buddha Shakya Muni put on. Burma, Yunnan province and Ruili Chinese chaos stockade called sand stockade adjacent to two villages as a national cross-border neighbors, because of the same faith, here are the "transnational" to celebrate the festival. Gold Festival "is to catch the cassock, rare" from Aunt Shakya Muni for the legend of the robe made. The organizer of the festival is called "the Lord", as well as a well-to-do and well meaning villager. The same period [] (Golden cassock Festival pendulum shouted main bright) the pendulum can only do three years to three years, a year for a family can only do a. Sitting in front of the three is the first and the second, mainly is to do good. Now I am the host of the third organizers, this is the word can only be done once in a lifetime, a large family can only do once. Not every year is a person doing like this, we should do good together to do, a person can not occupy the good. [comment] seasonal fruits, such as oranges, bananas, apples hanging on the tree on behalf of wild fruit trees. The fruit trees were cut down, the villagers came to a land covered with ribbons of white cattle. The LORD called swing bright with everybody with seed cotton on the ground, another team of villagers tied cotton with branches stuck in the ground, said cotton has grown up. In the process, the song and dance and music has been uninterrupted. The same period [] (Ruili public static) (here) ran for three years, but did not feel such a holiday. Although the Chinese here is difficult to take, is a big pit car to walk two kilometers far away here, I am also here to participate in a belief. After farming and harvesting cotton, the villagers were busy. The fire site is prosperous, constantly spinning from various sheds here to dry for weaving. Sewing, dyeing, gilding, robes finished the last step, the villagers will put gold cassock to Shakya Muni body. Gold cassock right down to the Gregorian calendar in April next year, the Buddha Festival, the water splashing festival. Reporter Dao Zhinan reported Yunnan Ruili相关的主题文章: