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Arts-and-Entertainment In the time when Christmas and New Year is on the way, we have family, friends,and colleagues with us to celebrate, to exchange gifts to enjoy the lovely festivals but some of us may have some friends, family members or some special people who are not there with us or maybe they are very far from us. We have lots of ways to express love and cherish their presence in our life. So in the world of technology where inter. is ruling, to find a gift is not hard for us, to buy him a book, a DVD or game player, or sending him/her an E-card is an easy way to express our wishes. But wait, can we make something unique? Yes, you can do that. To make a fantastic video that made by ourselves! The video content could be some funny clips collection to make him/her happy, or some time that is special and perish in both of your life, whatever you like. It is really a unique and lovely way to wish and express your feelings. Now just take a look at step by step guide on how to make a stunning video for your families, friends or someone special. To tell her/him you care and gratitude for her/him. To create a video, there are general two ways, using online video editing tool or video editing software. Since the online video editing tool is designed to video sharing, it is limited in function and is not convenient for video editing and output. You have to upload the video to the site for editing and then download it from the site if you want to keep it or send it to friends. Your video editing is greatly limited to the video size and site bandwidth, such as editing videos with free online YouTube video editor . For Mac users, you can use iMovie or other best free video editing software to create a video. While Mac video editor is a powerful yet easy-to-use video editing tool, only a few drags and drops are required. Follow the step by step guide on editing videos with this video editing software , only 3 steps: import "" edit "" share (to YouTube or devices). Or you can make a DVD copy and send it to the one special, to give her/him a big surprise in Christmas or the New Year. Frankly speaking, how wish I knew this method earlier that I could make a unique video for the one special, to let her know my affection and devotion. So you’d better not miss out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: