Blizzard opens a new round of recruiting Diablo 3 next year or will force winbook

Blizzard to open a new round of recruitment of Diablo 3 will force the next year or once a year event – the Blizzcon game player has ended, in the carnival, the game was released a lot of new content, including the new watch League system. Obviously, in order to deal with the upcoming new content, Blizzard has opened a new round of social recruitment in the carnival, and in the recruitment we seem to have found some new traces. Watch the pioneer League because it is a new gaming project, so need is particularly much, so in the social recruitment, the project needs more jobs, including community manager, content planning, market analysis and so on. Maybe in the future we can see a huge expansion in the field of watch gaming projects. Many mysterious projects in addition to normal demand jobs and new projects just published, we are looking for the table also found a named UNANNOUNCED GAMES PROJECTS (unpublished games) the needs of specific work for outsourcing management positions. In the post of the detailed description, there is such a requirement: Passion for Diablo (the passion for Diablo), this also shows that the project game with Diablo? May have a relationship with the reset Diablo 1! All in all, after the carnival Blizzard games will usher in a new wave of small climax, in the end how the results, let us wait and see. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: