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Buick Hideo first set small goals for example the first sale of 500 thousand sets of these days, a well-known tycoons "goal" intensified, netizens brain hole wide open to create every kind of scripts, such as "lose weight this thing not urgent, the first one can achieve small goals, for example I first lost it 70 such as" Jin "; and then learn to cook this thing can not be rushed, first set a goal to reach the small, say to do it a feast"…… In September 6th, Buick Hideo "accidentally" completes a small fiftieth – million vehicle it is officially off the assembly line in Wuhan factory. Since March 2, 2015 officially listed, only one and a half years, Buick Hideo created nearly 500 thousand units of sales success, the average monthly sales of nearly 30 thousand units also let Hideo in the past 18 months long occupied Chinese car sales top three. Here is a probe into the mysteries of selling yinglang. According to the survey, Buick Hideo user groups for young families, shape, space, safety, fuel consumption is a key element of their family to buy the first car. The appearance design integrates Hideo essence of "future" concept car Buick Riviera design, using the wing HID xenon headlamps to the front look stylish atmosphere, LED daytime running lights in all standard lift vehicles striking degree while driving safer; design of short before and after the suspension to highlight the movement breath, combined with double peak grazing waistline, create a dynamic body fluid. In addition to special appearance, inner Hideo is very delicate. Buick’s iconic 360 degrees around the integrated cockpit design, collocation exquisite double stitching leather piping and process, to highlight the texture of the interior details. The spatial layout of the back row space efficient, spacious and comfortable, even in the installation of child safety seat case, still can calmly sit down two adults, very suitable for the three generations of the family travel. In addition to large enough, Hideo also line comes standard with rear vents and nano – PM2.5 air filter, provide fresh air for passenger car. In silence, Hideo Quiet-Tuning® inheritance; Buick patent mute technology, to create a quiet cabin atmosphere. Consumers need to conform to the life of mobile Internet, Buick Hideo equipped with a comprehensive leading the wisdom of the Internet technology, introduced a new generation of OnStar Jetion full time assistant, including automatic crash, emergency assistance, security, navigation, vehicle detection, tone control hands-free telephone 26, mobile phone application service for users. Among them, through the vehicle integrated with the built-in 4G system LTE network connection, allows up to 7 devices compatible with the Internet at the same time, providing stronger and more stable than the smart phone Wi-Fi mobile hotspot. At the same time, compatible with the Baidu CarLife car system can achieve seamless connectivity with smart phones, to create smart car life. Safety, won C-NCAP five-star safety rating of the Buick Hideo using BFI integrated body structure, high strength steel car utilization rate of more than 65%, and the whole system comes standard with BOSCH 9.1 version of the electronic stability program, TPMS intelligent tire pressure monitoring system.相关的主题文章: