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Small Business The ways in which you can enter into business are many and varied. You can buy an existing business, start from scratch with a new concept, take on a franchise (existing or new) or have the family business handed over to you. The manner in which you came to be the owner of a business is of little consequence. Whether you are an experienced business owner or not, there is a huge challenge in learning a new business. A few items you have to contend with: Financial management The products or services you deliver Operational knowledge of running the business daily Human resources issues Tax laws and legislation Marketing and sales skills Systems and processes development Even a franchise operation that provides systems and manuals on how everything is done will require you to study, practice and become skilled at the tasks involved. There is no getting away from the fact that all this takes time. There are myriad mistakes that could stop you in your tracks, many of them avoidable if you seek the counsel of an experienced business coach or mentor. When it is all boiled down, most of the reasons for business failure are based on lack of knowledge or implementation of that knowledge. Make the best use of your precious time and avoid these errors . Business is about risk versus reward, and therefore concentrate on risk minimization in the areas of business you lack the knowledge in. It may be your financial knowledge, your ability to manage your time or creating an effective marketing campaign. You could be save so much time and money by addressing the shortcomings in these critical areas.If your budget is tight, you might engage a business coach for a few months just to get your started on the right track. Before you know it you will be wanting a more regular engagement as you will see the results that are possible. So jump the queue when it comes to fast tracking your business learning and start your business coaching early. About the Author: There is a FREE report waiting for you called How To Get All The Clients You’ll Ever Need. You can have it by going to my Small Business Coaching site now at and downloading it. Article Published On: – Small Business – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: