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Business Securing a business credit card for your small business can be a harrowing experience when you dont want to have to guarantee the line of credit without putting your personal accounts on the line. There are many business credit cards without personal guarantee available for all types of credit and needs. When you look at business credit for where your business is right now and where its going in the next few years, there are many things to consider. Some businesses need lower interest rates, a great balance transfer opportunity, or even business rewards such as airline miles, cash back, hotel or gasoline points. As an owner over the last few months of economic downturn, your personal credit might not be as stellar as it once was, and credit cards are attached not only to your business but possibly your personal credit as well. You may need to look at some of the best business credit solutions for bad credit too. When you are applying for business credit cards without personal guarantee your options are going to be limited. This is because you are lacking the business credit history that most lenders base their decision upon. Since you are unable to personally guarantee your application the lender may reject you and force you to look at alternative options. The best place to look for a fair lender is online. The local lenders see bad credit or lack of credit as a risk and they arent going to speak with you. Online lenders on the other hand are lenient and have a little more flexibility for bad credit situations. It should only take a matter of minutes to receive an answer as to what the lender can do for you. In addition to working with the right type of lenders, make sure your business is listed with Dun & Bradstreet so your business credit information can be properly reported. Then you need to contact the major consumer credit bureaus and obtain a copy of your personal credit report. Check it over for errors and look for high risk things like outstanding balances on your credit cards, late or missed payments, too many inquiries, etc. Work on improving your score before you search for business lending so it can improve your ability to acquire the funding. Start with a low business line of credit as you are building your business credit history. Over time you can acquire larger loans and it wont take much to gain approval. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: