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Mortgage-Refinance Buy to Let investment can yield a significant profit if undertaken in the right way at the right time and this is one of the reasons that Buy to Let investment has be.e increasingly popular in recent years. Low interest rates have made Buy to Let mortgages more affordable, and rental in.e has seemed more attractive than possible earnings on other investments. If you are thinking of investing in Buy to Let then why not have a look at some of our Buy to Let tips found below. Buy to Let Mortgage Tips The Application – One of the main differences you will .e across when applying for a Buy to Let mortgage is that the mortgage lender will take into account the rental in.e you will receive as a result of the letting as well as your normal in.e. Some lenders will consider the rent money on its own whilst others will consider both the rental money and your salary. Interest Rates A Buy to Let mortgage may be more expensive than a standard mortgage. Generally Buy to Let mortgage rates have decreased as the amount of Buy to Let mortgages on the market have increased but on the whole the Buy to Let mortgage rates are still higher than the standard mortgage. Deposit Generally the amount of money required for the deposit on a Buy to Let mortgage is higher than with a standard residential one. On the whole the lenders will require a minimum of a 15% deposit. It is also worth noting that the more deposit you put down, the more .petitive the proposed Buy to Let mortgage deal will be. Rental In.e Many buy to Let mortgage lenders require that the projected rental in.e exceeds the mortgage payment by a minimum of 125%. This amount can sometimes go up as high as 150%. Equity If you already have a mortgage on the property that you are living in, and are considering taking out a Buy to Let mortgage on another property then it is worth bearing in mind that you may be able to free up some of the equity in your home to put down as a deposit on the property you are planning to let. It could be worth raising this with the mortgage broker you visit. Profit The biggest tip we can give you on how to ensure that you make the profit you require on your Buy to Let property is to regard the Buy to Let adventure as a long-term investment. If you are looking to make a quick buck then the Buy to Let market is not the one for you. Tax Relief Although there is no direct tax relief on a Buy to Let mortgage, you can offset interest payments on your mortgage against tax on rental in.e, along with other expenses such as agents’ fees and maintenance costs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: