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Cao Yun: what did not change the country foot secret is the main credit country foot Lippi aides behind regret jumping, Lippi raised his hands spread out, but sentiment shows between the lines. This is eighty-fourth minutes after Zheng Zhiyuan hit the post pop, national football coach Lippi gestures. Prior to this, Wu Xi’s header was also the other goalkeeper asked to hit the crossbar. At that time, Lippi standing akimbo on the sidelines, aides behind the collective expression of regret. Last night, in 2018 Russia World Cup Asian zone qualifying round of 12 to 0 in Kunming, China team than the 0 Qatar draw. After the 5 round, the Orangemen 2 flat 3 negative product 2 points, still has success. However, compared to before, the change is still quite large foot. Beijing News   (reporter Xiao Wanli) although not able to win, but compared with the previous 4 rounds of the game, the Chinese team’s performance is a bright spot. Under the leadership of Lippi, the national football team regained confidence in their game completely suppressed opponents, in addition to two shots was refused the post, the team also played with many wonderful, but also create scoring opportunities. After the interview, the captain Zheng Zhi said: the team are moving in a good direction, everyone’s performance has changed." After the game, China team has 374 minutes without scoring. But in the view of Lippi, 0 more than 0 does not affect the performance of the team, "the team played the best game in the locker room, I and the players have said, I am very satisfied with their performance, so a short time have made such progress is gratifying." Lippi admits, "we have a little bit of luck." Next, the 12 round of the tournament is still left in the second round, in the absence of the group of third in the case of 7 points, the Chinese team qualify for the situation is precarious in the case of the 5. In this regard, Lippi’s attitude is as long as there is a glimmer of hope will not give up, before the game, the team’s situation is not very optimistic about the promotion, and now the situation is worse. However, I would like to tell our players, our strength is not worse than any one of the team." Either Zheng Zhi or Zhang Xizhe, and even the best player Jiang Zhipeng, and Cao Yunding came off the bench in style, they are certainly Lippi after taking office to the change of the team. "There are no secrets to the performance of the team, mainly from the coach." Cao Yunding said. Lippi brings more confidence to Chinese players, so that they can give full play to their own level in the field. "Anything could happen before the last game." Lippi said, "over time, we will change more. As long as there is a theoretical possibility, we will go all out."相关的主题文章: