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Cesarean prepare pregnant second child, are you afraid of? October 30th – Sohu maternal Shandong TV show, broadcast the maternal and Child Health Hospital of Weifang Xu uterus postpartum uterine gauze left in the story, I believe we are for having heard it many times. Why should a doctor leave a gauze in the mother’s stomach? Because patients who underwent cesarean section, the scar uterus, placenta previa, as to avoid hysterectomy as the cost to stop bleeding, hemostasis doctors chose uterine packing, did not expect the final media was turned into a medical drama. What is scar uterus? What is the risk of scar uterus? Last week, I have told you that one of the most common ectopic pregnancy tubal pregnancy, and today we talk about a special type of ectopic pregnancy: cesarean scar pregnancy, also known as "incision pregnancy". Once the cesarean section once swept the world, even in 90s almost become the best alternative delivery mode of production in recent years, with the sharp rise in the rate of cesarean section, uterine scar incidence rate has been increasing year by year, cesarean section maternal contraceptive recommended 2 years after the preparation of pregnancy, in order to avoid the rupture of uterine incision scar, scar the biggest risk for long-term uterine cesarean scar pregnancy, cesarean section is a serious long-term complication, early, we have neglected the severity of incision pregnancy after cesarean section, until many women after abortion in blood or in late pregnancy uterine rupture story, scar pregnancy began to formally by everyone attention has now after cesarean section of women began to prepare pregnant second child ", in the end how to prevent scar pregnancy? First, why cesarean scar pregnancy? 1, multiple cesarean section study found that more than 72 cases of cesarean section, the incidence of CSP was significantly higher. 2, breech cesarean section of normal birth for cephalic presentation, and breech prone to formation of lower uterine segment is not sufficient, and then select the transfer for cesarean scar healing prone to defects, fertilized egg implantation easy here. 3, uterine incision suture technique of single continuous suture without inversion, easily lead to poor wound healing, and pregnancy induced here; double incision suture, second layer reverse suture, wound healing is good, can reduce the incidence of incision pregnancy. 4, inflammation leads to scar site has a small hole, when the fertilized egg is too fast or slow growth, through the uterine cavity when not have the ability to grow, arrived in the small hole into the muscle layer and implantation. Two, the cesarean scar pregnancy diagnosis and diagnosis of caesarean scar pregnancy is the implantation of a fertilized egg in the lower uterine segment of primary cesarean scar, villi invasion depths and continue to grow to the uterine scar outside. Early diagnosis of the lack of obvious symptoms, often missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis of cervical pregnancy and abortion. 1, the clinical manifestations of female history of cesarean section, irregular vaginal bleeding occurred after the menopause. The amount of blood loss was related to the degree of invasion of the uterine muscle layer. 2, vaginal ultrasound diagnosis, the average scar pregnancy at 7.5 weeks of gestation (5-12 weeks) can vaginal ultrasound diagnosis, the sensitivity was 84.6%, and transvaginal ultrasound than abdominal ultrasound, transvaginal ultrasound of the higher resolution, the!相关的主题文章: