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Cheat up cause "murder" 90% new energy car prices will be removed? Sohu securities not long ago, Bloomberg issued a document that the government will China by improving the technical standards to any experience in manufacturing companies out, and consider the number of electric vehicle manufacturers to reduce to about 10. And cited an auto manufacturing industry association, said a senior manager, the purpose of any control measures are to save the weak strong, the government will drive about 90% of the electric car startups out. This article came out, immediately caused a great disturbance in the automotive industry Chinese. Previously, the reporter and the achievements of the domestic small electric car prices know beans communication, people in the enterprise an anonymous complained before due to the occurrence of some new energy car companies cheat up events, including the part of the company’s models and many car models suspended subsidies, even if the intention of the company to subsidies to clean up inventory but still can’t get the approval of the relevant government departments. Even worse, due to the news before Bloomberg, leading to the beginning of the enterprise to worry about the fate of the future – the possibility of access to the production of electric vehicles. The source said the company before the qualification in accordance with the country’s various policy preparations. Once the electric car suddenly sunny, the weather will change? The contradiction between new reporter noted that earlier in August 12th, the Ministry issued a "new energy automobile production enterprises and products access regulations (Revised Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "draft"), improve the threshold of new energy vehicles enterprises access "". The "draft" requirements, the application of new energy automobile production enterprises access enterprises should possess the necessary production of new energy automotive product design and development capabilities, production capacity, production capacity, to ensure consistency of customer service service and product security. 90% of the new energy vehicle manufacturers are unable to meet the technical standards within two years, according to an unnamed industry analyst. According to reports, needs to be reviewed in accordance with the new standard of adding new, previously approved is not happy too long, 2-3 still needs to be re examined, did not reach the standard will be out. In this regard, China market institute Secretary automobile marketing expert committee, Peking University School of economics professor Xue Xu said, through the administrative control means there will be a lot of problems to solve, will stifle innovation ability, and make the development of new energy vehicles fell sharply, while giving has entered the enterprise monopoly rights, is not conducive to the development of new energy automotive industry. Let know beans and other car prices can not figure out is that the country has always stressed the need to vigorously develop new energy automotive industry, and why should we restrict the enterprises to enter the new energy industry? Last June 4th, a "new pure electric passenger car business management regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") appeared in the State Ministry official website, announced that since July 10, 2015, the new total investment and the scale of production of pure electric vehicles in enterprise investment projects from the "automobile industry development policy" restrictions on the minimum requirements but, by the investors decide. It is this provision so that some small new energy vehicles to see the hope. This means that after July 10, 2015,;相关的主题文章: