Chengdu people are not aware of the shangxue shrine, the United States would like to roll in the sno

Chengdu people are not aware of the shangxue shrine, the United States would like to roll in the snow winter tourism Sohu has passed, the South buddies just want to ask: "where is it snowing?" Black bean pot that you could not restrain excited mood, recommend a few ordinary people may not know the snow tours for you, snow days to see snow waving! The short black pot to give you recommend some more recent tours from Chengdu snow collection, snow days? Jiudingshan snow skiing Kingdom, exquisite ice world characteristics: skiing, ice is mountain ski resort, there are a lot of fog misty mountain, saw a fog like trees, very special. The branches of the trees were bound with ice crystals. Winter has the beauty of winter. To enjoy the play. Address: ABA Maoxian Huaying Mountain stone forest also see see snow, a scene in front of the stone forest features: "spring and summer snow mountain summer and autumn winter shangxue viewing," Huayingshan, winter snow is the best point of view. Huaying Mountain in Shilin Stone Forest is famous, snow more a flavor. Snow, beautiful, shangxue good time to wait for you to see. Delicacy: Osmunda, Zuixian Saute of Beef with Hot Pepper, silver tea, dried bamboo shoots, sprouts shrimp Griddle Cake volume, bracken, address: Guang’an Huaying City Tang Jiahe like ink painting, photography, photography paradise features: the wild animal, hiking and quiet environment, is a nature reserve for giant pandas and their habitat as the main object of protection forest and wild animal the animal can also see the roll in the snow. Address: Sichuan province Guangyuan city Qingchuan County Qingxi Town Mount Emei cloud over half mountain snow, a stream of smoke flower characteristics: snow, clouds, sunrise, hot springs, monks winter travel to Mount Emei spa, skiing. Mount Emei is the most hot springs in Sichuan, the winter at the foot of the mountain hot springs, ski resorts, the most comfortable yet. Want to go to the remote long-distance travel friends, these places you would love? The Dragon Lake Vitex forests a summer and Winter Park, silver waterfall ice features: primeval forest, fishing, hiking in the middle of winter, the snow here, Yushu, Qionghua, a Snow gleams white., Northland scenery, unique southern snow, more fascinating God fan. From the red Longhu three kilometers Hutoushan, advantageous terrain, unique landscape, the sunrise, sea of clouds. Address: Sichuan Luzhou Gulin county north of Yanzigou Redstone and snow Wonderland characteristics: Red Beach, snow, folk Yanzigou scenic area of modern low altitude glaciers, forests, mountains and warm and cold springs, rare animals and plants. The natural ecological landscape, Gu Puxiuli formed her unique charm. Address: Luding County, Sichuan Province, west of the town of Ganzi Xinxing Township, adjacent to Hailuogou. Xinduqiao less in other seasons and a more subtle features: winter snow capped mountains, grasslands, the temple has been the photographer’s paradise Xinduqiao, every season is very beautiful, winter snow, snow is no exception, covered with grass, stepped on a piece of "white carpet"]相关的主题文章: