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Children’s parents to see the cartoon animation is a child’s responsibility? The day before, there are young children suspected by imitating Superman falling from a building flying once again triggered parents worry: children love to imitate cartoon plot, how to do? When children are obsessed with cartoons, parents should do? Children like cartoon plot events, frequent accidents in September this year, a district of Guangzhou, a high-rise fall under a five or six year olds, the owners said that the child is falling from the rooftop of superman flying imitation. This matter, causing concern and hot parents. Dahe reporter learned that through the search, because children imitate cartoon in the plot and lead to accidents in the minority in Guangdong: Shenzhen, a 5 year old little girl imitating her to see animated movie scenes parachute jump, distraction yellow umbrella at home, jumped from the 6 floor balcony; Jiangsu 10 children imitate cartoon shunshun, grey wolf "Roasted Whole Lamb" story, the same village, a pair of brothers tied to a tree, lit tree haystack; at home alone Chongqing 6 year old boy dragons, imitating Altman flight, from the 6 storey window turned down, fell to the ground floor of a large the light box; watched the cartoon, Xuzhou 7 year old boy want to imitate the vast bald strong create a people are able to blow away the "super fan", in the home of a fan before open up with The left hand, the fingers are high speed rotation of the fan serious injury…… Investigation of love cartoons, most children will imitate cartoon is children’s favorite, Dahe reporter survey found, imitating cartoon language and plot, the children will be more or less so. Every day the child will learn the language of the cartoon, no way, he likes to see ah." Zhengzhou parents Ms. Feng said her son, 4 years old this year, since the 2 year old began formal contact cartoon, completely love cartoons, "have to see every day, not to look at the cry". At first, Ms. Feng think children love cartoons is normal, not too much intervention, but once she criticized his son, his son cried out: "I want to take your sword hacked!" Ms. Feng just doesn’t feel right. Ms. Zhang’s daughter is 5 years old this year, also love to watch cartoons, especially love to imitate a fairy, feel magical flying several times, also want to climb to the locker on the balcony jumped down, thanks to Ms. Zhang found in time to stop. "I was scared into a cold sweat," Ms. Zhang said, she carefully and daughter talk, told her the reality and animation is not the same, people can’t fly, but then her watch cartoons she will observe the daughter in the side, and with her daughter discuss drama, the fortunately, no longer appear to imitate the daughter fly. That young children obsessed parents to pay attention to guide the "cartoon animation children love to see, when we did not like this?" Zhengzhou, a kindergarten teacher who asked not to be named, told the Dahe newspaper reporter, parents should first understand the hearts of children love cartoons. Cartoon can bring happiness to the children, let the children learn some social knowledge and common sense, but also to teach children to be brave." ]相关的主题文章: