China’s auto dealer inventory increased close to the cordon superrecovery

Chinese car dealer inventories increased close to the warning line – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, November 18 (reporter Yan Xiaohong) the latest data show that China October car dealer inventory levels continue to increase, has been close to the warning line. Experts advise, still be careful to anticipate the November car market demand, reasonable control inventory. China Automobile Circulation Association released on the 18 2016 October "car dealer inventory survey shows, October car dealer China comprehensive inventory coefficient of 1.32, an increase of 17%, an increase of 2%, the dealer inventory level beyond reasonable range, close to the warning line. According to international industry common practice, the automobile inventory coefficient between 0.8 to 1.2, reflecting the inventory at a reasonable range; inventory factor greater than 1.5, reflecting the stock reached alarming levels, need to pay attention to; inventory factor greater than 2.5, reflecting the high inventory, operating pressure and the risk is very big. According to the analysis, the month of October, the increase in the volume of manufacturers to increase the amount of car dealers to increase the task. In addition, some manufacturers are optimistic about the market expected to increase the sales target, to further increase the number of dealers to mention the car. For these reasons, the car dealer inventory in October compared to September rose. It is worth noting that the joint venture, import, independent car brand inventory coefficient rose compared to last month. Industry experts said that the fourth quarter of the year after the end of the year two manufacturers sprint stage, the November Guangzhou auto show is also a good opportunity for impulse. However, as the weather gets colder, the consumer’s desire of decline, the automobile market in November is expected to be slightly worse than the "golden nine silver ten". In this regard, China Automobile Dealers Association suggested that dealers should be based on the actual situation, rational estimate of the actual market demand, reasonable control inventory levels, in order to prevent excessive inventory pressure, resulting in operating risk. (end)相关的主题文章: