China’s financial leasing industry reached 4 trillion and 400 billion yuan in the size of the world’ carmex润唇膏

The scale of Chinese leasing industry reached 4 trillion and 400 billion yuan, ranking second in the world in the new network in Beijing on 30 August, (reporter Ding Dong) China Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance in Beijing on 30 release of the "Blue Book: Chinese financing lease leasing industry development report (2015 ~ 2016)" shows that as of the end of 2015, the total number of China financing lease about 4508 enterprises, financing the balance of the lease contract of about 44400 yuan, has become the world’s second largest leasing business in china. Over the past three years, the overall growth rate of the overall size of the national financial leasing business more than 50%, its growth in the financial sector in a leading position. Blue Book noted that in 2015, the State Council promulgated to promote the development of financial leasing advice, support free trade zone to carry out financial open innovation experiment, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong issued a series of preferential policies to promote regional financial leasing industry cluster development. From the regional distribution, the 7 regions of the country’s financial leasing companies more than 100, of which the number of leasing companies in Shanghai in the first half of 2015 increased from 545 to 987, an increase of more than 80%. The report pointed out that the financial leasing industry as China financial landscape "sunrise industry", on the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure and the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, to explore the social idle resources, will play an important role in the release of effective demand and promote the perfection of the financial market and so on, can be an effective means of upgrading China industrial transformation under the new normal, the future face along a road "," Chinese 2025 "and Internet plus strategic development opportunities brought. "It is estimated that" The Belt and Road ‘in the future 10 years the demand for infrastructure investment amounted to US $8 trillion, a huge funding gap has put forward new demands on the financing and leasing business, "blue book pointed out that" The Belt and Road "implementation of the strategy to develop the international market for financial leasing companies, to carry out cross-border mergers, provide strategic opportunities for development of the development of transnational leasing enterprise group etc.. At the same time, "Chinese manufacturing 2025" strategy, support for manufacturing enterprises to establish financial leasing companies and other financial institutions, to carry out the "combination" related to the pilot, to promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry by way of financial leasing industry, high-end equipment manufacturing Chinese with high iron, solar energy, wind power, civil aircraft, ships, marine engineering, large complete sets of equipment as the representative, will gradually to the overseas market, the leasing industry will be transformed into Chinese the upgrading of the manufacturing strategy to provide strong capital backing. The book further pointed out that "leveraging Internet plus" innovation and development of financial leasing industry, contribute to the information asymmetry to break the traditional industry on the one hand, the financial demand and rental demand effectively, on the other hand, the "financial leasing + Internet banking will give rise to a more professional development mode, accelerate the financing, improve the use of funds efficiency. (end)相关的主题文章: