China’s first driverless subway line is expected to open – Travel

China’s first driverless subway line is expected to open the travel channel — a driverless train safely and steadily at the subway station, passengers quickly and reliably to the next station, this unmanned screen is no longer a distant dream. According to reports, by the end of 2017, China’s first fully automatic operation system with completely independent intellectual property rights (hereinafter referred to as "FAO", commonly known as "unmanned") — Beijing Metro Line Yan room line will be officially put into trial operation. It is understood that the automatic operation system to achieve a real sense of "unmanned" — without human intervention, to achieve a series of automatic train operation, such as the grid, on the downhill, precise station parking, opening and closing the door, the car wash, sleep etc.. Unmanned technology first proposed and studied in the automotive industry, from the beginning of 1970s to the present, has been upgraded from the auxiliary driving to all unmanned. With the continuous improvement of the level of automation, followed by the field of rail transportation. Developed countries started earlier, has been put into use unmanned technology. China’s rail transit lines have also been introduced fully automatic driving technology, but few successful cases, and the core technology is provided by foreign. In 2010, China put forward the idea of fully automatic operation of rail transit system based on high RAMS, which indicates that our country’s independent research and development of rail transit automatic operation system has entered into the research stage. This concept is put forward, in line with the "China made 2025" and other national strategic needs, learn from the depth of driverless car learning technology, leading the development of international rail transport technology. After six years of efforts, has now completed the full automatic operation of the system’s core technology research and development, and will be the first demonstration of the application of the Beijing Metro Yan room line, which is China’s first fully automatic operation system national demonstration project. According to the planning of Beijing, 3, No. 12, No. 17, line 19, as well as the new airport line, such as the construction of a new round of rail transit lines will be fully automated operating system technology. This technology is a qualitative leap of urban rail transit system integration technology, and is the future development direction of urban rail transit train control system. Its promotion and application will greatly enhance the status and influence of China’s rail transit in the international arena, making China’s important infrastructure security controllable. First proposed the concept of autonomous fully automatic operation system, and led the team to overcome the core technology is the Beijing controlled Polytron Technologies Inc (referred to as the control technology) Gao Chunhai. Gao Chunhai graduated from the Beijing Jiaotong University of traffic information engineering and control, the city rail transportation train operation control and communications director of the National Engineering Laboratory, adjunct professor at the Beijing Jiaotong University, is the chairman and President of control technology. Graduated from the University in 1993 so far, scientific research and industrialization work he has been engaged in rail transit train control system, train operation control system based on communication of the team is responsible for research and development ("CBTC") makes Chinese in 2010 to become the fourth country to master the core technology and engineering application of the country, to fill the domestic blank. "Pay close attention to science and technology always adhere to the" political science "相关的主题文章: