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College teachers to sell 30 million days to sell fruit to sell the resignation of $1 (Figure) – China’s Qiu Wangjian on his farm confidence hundredfold. Chen Taichun and his entrepreneurial team in this group of photographs by Sun Jiaoyang. "Public entrepreneurship, innovation", let oneself become rich generation Changchun evening news reporter Sun Jiao Yang Intern Ma Donglai do "two rich generation", do the rich generation". "Public entrepreneurship, innovation", everyone can China is a new engine of economic growth. "The traditional rural small business into a big deal" "on the ‘Internet plus’ ship, build O2O model" and "green development software for students Internet security"…… By the end of the first half, entrepreneurship and innovation incubators in our city has reached 182, a total area of 7 million 970 thousand square meters, the emergence of the German Industrial Park, Sino Russian science and Technology Park, technology park, white biological (material) manufacturing industry park and a number of new industrial park. The city has built 316 public service platform for smes. This year, Changchun private economy rise for the national comprehensive reform pilot, the "double" national demonstration zone of comprehensive report by the national leadership support, the rapid development of our city, "double", accelerate. In our city, the creation of the spirit of not only for the new normal economic and social development has injected new impetus, but also ignited the social and college students’ entrepreneurial dream". Qiu Wangjian quit the work of teachers "sea entrepreneurship master guy selling fruit year sold 30 million yuan quit the stable work of university teachers, decided to go to do business to create a" private custom "fruit shop in the city, many" entrepreneurial force ", master of guy Qiu Wangjian’s fruit shop not only annual sales reached 30 million yuan, but also led to the hundreds of College Students’ employment. In 2013, Qiu Wangjian took a fancy to the market sales of this platform, quit the stable work of teachers, the network decided to open a fruit shop. Different from other "derivative", his fruit shop inventive, operating only high-end fruit products, the main private custom fruit. In his fruit shop, customers can first according to their own preferences for certain plants, after the harvest to enjoy fruit. From the lush fruit seedling to fruit tree, from weeding and watering to pick the fruit, customers can always see through the two-dimensional code, the growth process of plants." Qiu Wangjian told reporters that the fruit store in the sale of fruit, but also directly with the producers to cooperate, network delivery mechanism to ensure delivery within 24 hours. Turning from a teacher to a businessman, Qiu Wangjian’s entrepreneurial path is not plain sailing. "Let the fruit can be traced, is a successful fruit harvest only after several times after the failure of the. In the past, Qiu Wangjian’s fruit shop and ordinary fruit shop is no different, because the sale of fresh fruit, also once caught "economic crisis", let the fruit shop to make ends meet. Start empty-handed, a difficult start, Qiu Wangjian’s alma mater for the pulled up 100 thousand yuan low interest loans through entrepreneurship center to temporarily solve the problem of capital turnover. Later, Qiu Wangjian also participated in the Changchun Youth Science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition, because of its entrepreneurial ideas are very novel,.相关的主题文章: