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How Building A Conference App Helps Your Business? Posted By: Kathy Griffin In the present market scenario, it has been a mandatory task for each and every businesses to develop a conference app. No matter what is the size of your business or what industry you cater to, developing specific meeting apps is one of the most important agendas for the event planners. There is a significant reasons for this trend. The moment you are planning an event, you start dreaming of making it a grand success, and a customized event mobile app, that has been exclusively designed for your business, is surely going to help you make your dream come true. This is largely because a huge number of people across the globe, depend on their mobile devices for accessing Internet. Instead of using personal computers or desktops, they prefer to stick to their handy mobile devices in order to remain connected with the world. And this is why it becomes essential to develop conference apps. These apps help you reach your target audience more easily, and within a short span of time.

Conference app Techcon Event Exploring The Future Of Meetings And Technology Posted By: Sydney Hardison Chicago, IL, February 18, 2014 – On February 20 and 21, Meeting Professionals International Chicago Area Chapter [MPI-CAC] will present TechCon, an event that explores the future of the intersection of meetings and technology. TechCon2014 will take place at the UIC Forum located at 725 W. Roosevelt Road in Chicago. To review conference information and register, visit At the event, attendees will experience emerging technologies, learn from industry technology leaders, and network with meeting professional peers. Speakers will address augmented reality, mobile event applications, leveraging social media, high-tech audio visual tools, as well as the latest advances in event registration, housing, and lead capture technology solutions. On February 20, day one of the conference, the program will provide a high level view of technology and the future impact on consumers. The program will also provide practical insights and best practices for incorporating technology into meetings and events. Sessions will focus on strategic technology planning and successful event execution, as well as the many steps in between. New this year, an additional half-day of workshops will be offered on Friday February 21.

Chicago MPI Gcl States Silke Fleischer, Ceo Of Ativ Software, The Publisher Of The Eventpilot Conference App, Posted By: Sydney Hardison Santa Rosa, California, January 29, 2014 – Silke Fleischer has been named finalist in the Event Solutions Spotlight Awards 2014 – Rising Star, Female category. Silke is the co-founder of ATIV, publisher of the advanced EventPilot conference app, which combines sustainability with organizational solutions for event planners. Learn more at "I’m honored to learn that I’ve been selected as a finalist," said Silke Fleischer, CEO and co-founder of ATIV Software. "My career has always involved attending large conferences in both a speaker and attendee capacity. I was concerned with the quantity of paper used and inevitably wasted at these events. Today’s powerful mobile devices helped me, along with my co-founder, Eric Converse, to launch the EventPilot paperless app and help make a difference in our industry." EventPilot is the powerful mobile meeting app which provides a green alternative to the traditional bulky paper guide that is typically outdated the moment it is printed for an event. The app provides benefits that cannot be accomplished with paper such as a personal schedule builder, interactive event program with powerful offline search, animated venue maps, digital contact sharing, instant email reports of all key learnings, bookmarks, and more.

ATIV Software Gcl Publishes Ativ Software, Publisher Of The Mobile Conference App Eventpilot, Named Finalist In Posted By: Sydney Hardison Santa Rosa, California, January 29, 2014 – ATIV Software has been named finalist in the "Event Solutions Spotlight Awards 2014 – Event Supplier of the Year" category. The powerful EventPilot meeting app is an innovative mobile conference guide used by some of the largest medical and scientific events in the US. Learn more at "It is an honor to be recognized for our work on the EventPilot conference app, and we are excited that our company is a finalist in this category," said Eric Converse, CTO and co-founder of ATIV Software. "Our conference app is built to provide the best meeting attendee experience with unmatched feature sets, robustness for massive conferences, and unique ways to generate revenue for the event planner’s associations. We are proud to see our hard work and dedication being recognized in the industry." The EventPilot conference app is designed to bring all event materials onto iPads, phones, and other tablets as a convenient paperless and fully customized event program. The dynamic mobile conference program brings highest performance to even the largest conferences with tens of thousand of sessions and session handouts, which are fully searchable even if WiFi is unavailable.

ATIV Software Have You Made The Switch To Conference Apps? Posted By: Kathy Griffin With the spur in smartphone adoption, mobile apps have grown not just in numbers but also in the functionalities they offer. Both Android and Apple, two of the most dominant mobile platforms in the world, reportedly have a million apps each in their app stores which offer users more utility, information, fun and entertainment on-the-move. It was only natural for the events industry to wake up to the benefits of mobile, with conference apps taking over the humble event guidebook, manuals and other printed materials. Till a couple of years back, event planners had to go through a nightmare, finding sponsorship opportunities, negotiating deals with ticketing and registration service providers, compiling speaker and exhibitor information, creating badges and allowing social media integration. But with a single mobile event app customized to their needs, event professionals can manage all of the above with the help of a smart dashboard. Not just these, a native app allows enhanced in-app branding opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors so that planners can strike a better deal.

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Legal Apps For mobile Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab- A New Eye Candy In The Market Posted By: Wilson Roy Samsung tablet is an Android based tablet pc. It is produced by Samsung which was launched on 2nd September 2010 in Berlin. The Samsung tablet was then further launched in Africa, Asia, South Korea, Japan, Pakistan, India, Australia, Brazil, Europe, and Middle East and then in U.S. A tablet pc or often called as tablet is a mobile computer which is larger than a mobile phone and operated by touching the screen rather than any physical keyboard. The Samsung galaxy tab has 7 inch LCD touch screen with Wi-Fi capability along with 1.0 GHz ARM Cortex A8 Samsung Exynos 3110 processor, 3.2 mega pixel rear facing camera. It runs on Android 2.2 operating system plus supports functionality of telephone like speaker phone via provided Bluetooth earpieces. It can also additionally add video conference app like Tango as an alternate to telephone functionality. Hardware specifications: Samsung P 1000 Galaxy Tab is enclosed in a plastic frame which makes the tablet lighter in weight than metal body tablets. Its weight is near about 380 grams. This model has a resolution of 1024×600 with additional mobile digital natural images engine.

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