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Cool autumn day! Chengdu sudden cooling beauty not coated in the wind shake (Figure) – Beijing yesterday Chengdu maximum temperature was only 21.9 degrees, compared to 27, down 8.8 degrees. Red Star Road three, the three women in the wind side by side. 29, three red road, chilly wind blew the woman wrapped in a shawl. The cold air at the end of August is really a cheerful, for high temperature bake test in Chengdu into a spring, make people feel cool. From August 26th to yesterday, Chengdu daily temperatures decreased, the highest temperature of yesterday is down to 21.9 degrees Celsius, the temperature dropped so many people have the feeling of "autumn night". However, weather experts said, the Sichuan basin is still in the hot summer weather, from the meaning of "autumn", but also for some time. Meteorological experts said, according to the experience of previous years, the cold air will not completely let the cooler weather, "autumn" will fight, but power and some time ago than the small lot, only to the end of September and early October, will bid farewell to the summer into the autumn. The highest temperature dropped 14.8 degrees Chengdu cool for several days to know? Yesterday, Chengdu maximum temperature was only 21.9 degrees, compared to 27, down 8.8 degrees, the house cool. In the street, many people have put on a long sleeved jacket. Remember last week, life is the air conditioning to the day?" In August 21st, the highest temperature of 36.7 degrees in Chengdu, the highest in nearly the past 30 years. Compared with that of high temperature, the highest temperature is 14.8 DEG C, we believe that yesterday is keenly aware of the. Of course, micro-blog, and WeChat in the citizens’ subjective feelings is slightly different, not a roller coaster like temperature decreased rapidly, according to the meteorological data of Sichuan Province, the highest temperature is 30.7 DEG C for 27 days, 28 days of Chengdu maximum temperature of 28.4 degrees. Day by day, the temperature of the sun, hot air and sticky skin away from us. In most parts of the Sichuan basin, yesterday also immersed in a cool. Pm yesterday, Mianyang, Deyang, the highest temperature at 20 degrees Celsius, while Luzhou, Guang’an, Neijiang and Sichuan this summer stove, no longer let people feel hot. In mid August, the subtropical high controlled the Sichuan basin and resisted the northern cold air southward. The cooling, double effect due to the cold air in the north and "Lion" typhoon, save in Sichuan basin "from the mire". The rain drop Chengdu two days later the temperature rise of cold air will be in the delivery of welfare today. Expected during the day of Chengdu rain days between cloudy cloudy weather, local heavy rain. Expected afternoon sky overcast, shy and autumn rain let you travel feel discomfort at the same time, also let the weather keep cool state. But at night, rain started to increase, but also South Chengdu moderate precipitation. However, according to the Chengdu meteorological observatory is expected, the evening of 30 to the first day of September 1st cloudy cloudy, light rain at night, the temperature of 20 to 28 DEG C; the evening of 31 to cloudy during the day between overcast and rainy in the evening local相关的主题文章: