Credit card number of new cards in the polarization of the banking competition lock differentiation roxane hayward

The amount of credit card issuance of a new card is the polarization of bank competition lock Sina fund exposure platform: the letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The latest release of China Industry Research Center, "the first half of 2016 credit card report" said that, overall, the first half of 2016, the new bank issuing a total of 49 million 760 thousand. At the same time, the new card volume trend was polarized, some growth quickly doubled, others have varying degrees of negative growth. Insiders said that with the landing of the credit card business regulations, as well as speed of credit card business, the operation of the credit card business, future competition will be more intense and differentiated pattern. First, the second echelon fierce competition according to the listed banks to disclose the data, from the cumulative amount of credit card issuers for the listed banks, as of the first half of 2016, ICBC card cumulative broken million, reached 117 million 790 thousand, ranked first. The report said, the first echelon by ICBC, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Agricultural Bank of China and Bank of China, CITIC, Everbright, second echelon by Shanghai Pudong, Societe Generale form. Although there is still a large gap in the volume of the second echelon and the first echelon, but in the growth momentum is better than the first echelon. If the amount of additional card from the new point of view, the first half of 2016, ICBC, China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of China issued a new card amount in the top three, respectively, 8 million 880 thousand, 7 million 160 thousand and 5 million 370 thousand. Ping An Bank, China Merchants Bank and Bank of new issuance volume ranked fourth to six respectively, 4 million 510 thousand, 4 million 420 thousand and 3 million 990 thousand. It is especially pointed out that the first half of Ping An Bank, China Everbright Bank and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank’s new issuance volume growth of more than 50%, the newly issued the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank for 3 million 280 thousand, year-on-year growth rate of 107.59%, Ping An Bank and China Everbright Bank’s new issuance volume growth rate were 65.81% and 78.24%. At the same time, China Construction Bank, Bank of China and the people’s Bank of China issued a new increase in the amount of negative growth over the same period last year, down 14.04%, respectively, and 5.62%. The subsidiary will be more incentive mechanism and risk isolation awareness reporter noted that in the second echelon of the bank, some have proposed plans to open credit card operation business spin off subsidiaries. September 20th, Everbright Bank announced that, in order to promote the financial services and the upgrading of consumption, reduce service costs, the development of Inclusive Finance, promote the development, scale, specialization and standardization of business standard credit card, credit card business, the company intends to set up a wholly owned independent legal institutions, the company tentatively as "China Everbright credit card limited liability company" the amount of investment is not more than 10 billion yuan. In July this year, CITIC Bank has issued a notice, the board of directors agreed to carry out the restructuring of the credit card business, and the establishment of CITIC credit card companies. As early as January of this year, Minsheng Bank Board of directors adopted the resolution on the establishment of China Minsheng Credit Card Co.相关的主题文章: