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Cross border + technical cooperation, 2016 Tencent Global Partner Conference Ren Yuxin speech – Sohu science and technology on the morning of September 22nd, the global forum of Tencent’s Global Partner Conference held in Fuzhou. As Tencent group COO and Tencent interactive entertainment business group leader, Ren Yuxin in the General Assembly on the scene of the Tencent over the past 5 years in the process of opening up to keep the work and achievements. At the same time, Ren Yuxin said Tencent is very concerned about the new technology on the open platform of Tencent have a significant impact, which Tencent is most concerned about the VR and AI technology. The following is the full text of Ren Yuxin speech: distinguished leaders, media friends, Tencent partners, good morning! Thank you to be able to participate in today’s sixth Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference, Tencent started opening from 2011 to today, has been a full 5 years, we review the past 5 years through the open road, we see a Tencent and many of our partners learn and grow together on the road. If you go back five years ago, he had just started to do Tencent that moment open, we felt at the time of the opening of the understanding is relatively simple, we think that the Tencent platform flow can open out to share with developers and entrepreneurs in the ecological Tencent, we will do the Tencent open. We are also very grateful to the first batch of five years ago to participate in and trust Tencent open platform for these partners, they are indeed the first batch of benefits in the Tencent development platform. After doing the first step of the flow of open, we saw the development of the open platform appeared some new resistance, is the Internet business and entrepreneurship in the enterprise industry has a very important difference. Internet entrepreneurs have very high technical threshold, we have a lot of entrepreneurs have very good business acumen, strong service awareness to the Internet users, but they can not find a good technology development, there is no way to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. So we open platform to do second things, is to open up our own Tencent technical ability, such as we do the Tencent cloud, which can make the entrepreneurs no longer worry about complex technical issues in the cloud server management etc.. For example, we do the QQ public platform, WeChat public platform, making our developers to launch their own services with a simple custom development. We do a lot of online for entrepreneurs to provide services, we can think of a problem, we may have from online to offline across online, but also for our entrepreneurs to provide some services? From two years ago, we went across the country and the government and partners together to create a solid business space, so that our entrepreneurs can no longer consider workplace problems, can be like rent relief in the early start, the government offers such good support method. After the completion of the many entities in the entrepreneurial space, we wonder what can we do for entrepreneurs in a year ago we launched the business service platform, we have many in society can provide flexible service for entrepreneurs!相关的主题文章: